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Bowlus Road Chief

By February 20, 2013Gear

The Bowlus Road Chief just begs you to hit the open road. Joined together by over 5,000 rivets to form a single, “monocoque” shell.


Bowlus on the monocoque structure: Way back in 1934, Hawley Bowlus, the inventor of the original Bowlus Road Chief, knew that the best way to build a light and strong travel trailer was to emulate aircraft design. He took aircraft-grade aluminum sheets and riveted them together over a lightweight skeleton to form a single, tight, and incredibly durable monocoque structure.



“Engineered for the highest levels of quality and durability. Its body is joined together by over 5,000 hand-bucked rivets to form a single, incredibly tough “monocoque” shell. The Bowlus Road Chief makes use of authentic materials like birch, aluminum and brass, and its interior is trimmed in premium fabrics chosen for optimum comfort and wear.”

Bowlus Road Chief


About the Bowlus: Expert artisans have combined aerodynamic engineering with Art-Moderne style to create the spectacular Bowlus Road Chief. From its polished aircraft-grade aluminum shell, accented with lines of raised rivets that you just can’t stop yourself from running your fingers along, to stunning elliptical windows complete with brass mesh, the Bowlus Road Chief is truly a mobile metal sculpture. The Road Chief is also as practical as it is beautifully outfitted with everything you need whether you’re escaping for an afternoon of inspiration or an ambitious adventure cross country.


+ Source: Bowlus Road Chief