Los Deluxe :: ISSUE 116

By July 15, 2013El Rancho Deluxe

On today’s menu: a human-powered helicopter, zombie essentials, and the bike of the day.





The Thorn :: by Twinline

A unique build from Twinline out of Seattle. Part Kawasaki Ninja (600cc motor), and part Honda CB550 (frame).

The Thorn :: by Twinline

Designed on the fly. Crossing the boundaries of make, era and style; the project came alive before our eyes. The look came from a CZ 350 v4 type 860 race bike. The power came from a Kawasaki EX500 Ninja motor bored to 600cc. The frame, a Honda CB550, modified, gusseted and strengthened whenever possible. The inspiration was to make something fun and interesting for Velocity channel’s Cafe Racer TV. The project was a shot in the dark. We had no idea if something like this would work let alone be finished to its fullest potential. There was a lot of trial and error involved in a project like this, everything was a challenge.


Zombie Apocalypse Gear: 25 Essentials For Survival :: via Hi Consumption

I’m not a proponent of guns and ammo, but if the zombie apocalypse were ever to go down, I’m coming back to this list of essentials from Hi Consumption. One tool that I’d add: a lightweight yet affordable chainsaw.



Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter – AHS Sikorsky Prize Flight :: via Popular Mechanics

Funded by a Kickstarter campaign, Canadians Todd Reichert and Cameron Robertson, can now lay claim to the Sikorsky Prize of $250,000. (Three decades after the competition was first established).

…the requirements to win the AHS Sikorsky Prize included a flight duration of 60 seconds and reaching an altitude of 3 meters (9.8 ft), with the center point of the aircraft hovering over a 10-by-10 meter (32.8-by-32.8 ft) square. (Wikipedia)


Amen :: via The Khool