Los Deluxe :: ISSUE 119

By July 18, 2013El Rancho Deluxe

On today’s menu: behind the scenes at Tesla’s factory, a Stormtrooper motorcycle suit, and the 8th New Order Chopper Show 2013 – bikes of the day.





Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suit :: via Toxel

Officially licensed gear. Well, at least it wasn’t a Jar Jar Binks motorcycle suit.



Behind The Scenes How the Tesla Model S is Made :: via Wired

Wired got a behind-the-scenes tour of the 5 million-square-foot factory in Fremont, California to see first-hand how co-founder and CEO Elon Musk is rethinking how cars are built. The process would make Henry Ford double over in envy.


8th New Order Chopper Show 2013 :: via Sparetime Japan

Seeing photos on come in from Sparetime Japan is like Christmas morning for me.



Amen :: The Detroit Bus Company

Young entrepreneur Andy Didorosi believes that the way to Detroit’s new era depends on better leadership and a solid connection between the city and the suburbs. So when the city in 2012 axed its plans to build the M-1 light rail, the transit solution that would’ve bridged that vital connection, Didorosi was mad as hell. So what’s an angry young man in this situation supposed to do? Well, Didorosi bought a bus, had a local artist trick it out with a wicked mural, and he started the Detroit Bus Company. Dedicated to a more connected city, Andy Didorosi is bringing Detroit home one ride at a time.