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By July 20, 2013El Rancho Deluxe

On today’s menu (which is a day late…dang day job!): the ooloo, sustainable bike grips, and the bike of the day from crabmotors.





The Machadoll by crabmotors :: via Lorenz Richard

This bike from crabmotors speaks volumes: a little bit of nasty and not too precious (or shiny) in its overall design and approach. Photographer Lorenz Richard has been here before, and will be here again no doubt.

The Machadoll by crabmotors :: via Lorenz Richard


The Ooloo :: via The Awesomer

Nowadays, I spend most of my days in at standing behind a desk, instead of sitting. I’m even contemplating buying a desk treadmill to further get movement throughout the day. Studies have shown that sitting for extended periods can lead to all kinds of nasty health issues. Erik Johnson came up with the ooloo – an ergonomic footrest that uses a skateboard “rocker” to at least maintain motion whenever you’re seated. (Studies have also shown that “fidgety people” tend to be thinner than those who are sedentary zombies). The ooloo is on Kickstarter and has surpassed its funding goal. The ooloo is expected to ship in September.

The Ooloo
The Ooloo

Erik Johnson, ooloo’s creator sent this to us:
The idea for ooloo came from me putting a skateboard under my desk and using it to roll back and forth. I actually did this before I started to learn about the negative health impacts of sitting.
I used the skateboard for a short time, but it really wasn’t very practical and the motion is pretty limited. That’s when I went to my garage and began experimenting. Making the rockers was relatively easy, but making them strong enough to withstand a variety of unexpected forces was challenging (many people see ooloo and immediately want to stand on it). Also, designing something to be manufactured presents its own set of challenges. The rockers were originally a combination of CNC-cut plywood and metal brackets. They were very functional, but it took many steps to produce them. And matching the standard holes in a skateboard deck requires a high degree of consistency in manufacturing. The thickness of the wood varied slightly and was further influenced by humidity changes. These factors were enough to create quality control issues. The aluminum rockers are simple, durable, recyclable, and sturdy. But it was a long journey to get there . . .
My background is in marketing and advertising, not invention. Nor am I really a craftsperson. But I am sort of a perfectionist and really sensitive to details in the construction of physical things. I’m also not afraid to be completely naive or learn from my mistakes. One thing I’ve learned from this is how to make mistakes faster (how to fail faster and with fewer consequences).


The Ooloo
The Ooloo


Sustainable Bike Grips by Pecker Design :: via designboom

Made from the wood, these bike grips by Pecker Design, are sustainable. As a bonus, they have a nice look about them. Socially responsible and good looking…that’s great sweet spot for any product out there.

Sustainable Bike Grips by Pecker Design
Sustainable Bike Grips by Pecker Design
Sustainable Bike Grips by Pecker Design

made using the finest selection of wood, ‘pecker bike grips’ by austrian firm pecker design, are a sustainable alternative to synthetic bike grips. wooden handlebars have been a long tradition in bicycle manufacturing, combining this history with modern aesthetics – ‘pecker bike grips’ are an upgrade for every bicycle – whether it’s a dutch or folding bike or even a fixie. the environmentally made pieces are based on the concept of local production and also the use of indigenous woods.





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