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Visually tasty morsels delivered fresh everyday. On today’s menu: a video about The Satchel Ride, Dymaxion Blueprints by Buckminster Fuller, a banana pool table, and a custom moto build that Jony Ive would love.


 The Daily Deluxe :: 23 May 2013
 The Daily Deluxe :: 23 May 2013



Instrument’s DigitalCraftBike750 :: via Jared Erickson

Instrument's DigitalCraftBike750 :: via Jared Erickson

DigitalCraftBike750: We set out to rebuild Vin’s 1973 dust-collecting Honda and get a little dirt under our fingernails. With not much more than a socket set, an angle grinder, and our trusty digital tools, we got to work. We started in Adobe Illustrator to determine the look of the bike. After many rounds of schematic drawings and 3D models we narrowed our focus to a classic cafe racer with the industrial lines of Jonathan Ive’s MacPro G5 Tower.


Dymaxion Blueprints by Buckminster Fuller – Wright Auctions :: via Hemmings

Dymaxion Blueprints by Buckminster Fuller :: Wright Auctions

Estimate $20,000–30,000: This collection of more than eighteen blueprints illustrates various design elements for Dymaxion Car #1 and Dymaxion Car #2. From general assembly drawings to details of the front spring saddle bolt, this collection illustrates the ingenuity and technical prowess of Bucky Fuller via his revolutionary Dymaxion Car. Proceeds from the sale of this lot will fund a new documentary The Last Dymaxion: Buckminister Fuller’s Dream Restored by filmmaker Noel Murphy.


The Dymaxion: Buckminster Fuller, the visionary American architect, industrial designer and inventor, designed the Dymaxion in 1933. Ahead of its time, the Dymaxion exhibited forward-thinking optimism. Shaped like a zeppelin, the Dymaxion featured an aerodynamic body spanning nearly twenty feet in length and only three wheels. It traveled at speeds up to 90 miles per hour and was astoundingly gas efficient.


Rapha Continental: The Satchel Ride, Australia

The Satchel Ride: In the years after Federation in 1901 (when Australia’s six states came together as a single nation), one of the greatest challenges facing the former British colony was the issue of defence. More than thirty years after the last British soldiers had departed, in 1870, Australia still sought a coherent and affordable military strategy. On the advice of Lord Kitchener, it was suggested that this should include a highly mobile force of around 40,000 troops, to be deployed whenever and wherever needed. Key to its success would be the method of transport used to negotiate the country – one of the leading contenders was the bicycle.


Banana Pool by Cleon Daniel

Banana Pool by Cleon Daniel
Banana Pool by Cleon Daniel