Los Deluxe :: ISSUE 124

By July 29, 2013El Rancho Deluxe

On today’s menu: a ghost skateboard, a handy axe you can throw with ease, sounds of Senna, Adidas Gazelles, and our bike of the day is an electric powered scooter made from hemp.





Be.e electric scooter by Van.Eko :: via designboom


Be.e is the first biocomposite e-scooter made with a monocoque body of hemp, flax, and bio-resin. created with state of the art propulsion systems and well proven drive train components, the two-wheeled light electric vehicle is presented as a pay-per use solution, suitable for city commuting and even for trips into the country side. the batteries allow for up-to two hours of driving the hemp scooter or 60 km in the worst of conditions and the system includes with a 600W charger, allowing users to fully re-charge in under three hours. in addition, the windscreen is nano-coated with a hydrophobic layer that makes water droplets and dirt particles deflect off the surface, improving visibility in dark and rainy conditions.


Gränsfors Double Bit Axe

Gränsfors Bruk Sweden has been making handcrafted axes for over 100 years. The company is located in the Swedish village of Gränsfors…and run by Hobbits. (I really need to double-check my intern’s work). This axe is based on North American working axes, and has been designed especially for axe throwing.



Adidas Gazelle Indoor :: End.

Smart-looking pair of Gazelles from Adidas. I have a couple of pairs of these indoor Gazelles and it’s like walking on a bed of butter.



The Sunset “Ghost” LED Wheels

Shine on with these wheels from Sunset Skateboard Co. Made from ultra-clear Polycarbonate, and lit up by four ultra-bright LEDs.


Beautiful, yet functional. The Sunset crystal clear polycarbonate (PC) deck gives you the ultimate view of your terrain while allowing your Flare LED Wheels to brilliantly shine through and refract light. Stylish both day and night the decks are designed to perform and impress 24-7.
High strength Polycarbonate provides beautiful crystal clear transparency while giving the perfect amount of flexibility, weight, and durability. Ultra-clear Polycarbonate is the same material commonly used in bullet-proof glass and our unique proprietary resin has the latest UV inhibitors for extended life outdoors.


Sound of Honda – Ayrton Senna 1989 :: via Gizmodo

In 1989, the incredible Ayrton Senna completed a lap of the Japanese F1 circuit, smashing a world record in the process. On board was Honda’s engine telemetry system which recorded a bunch of information from the car. Now, almost a decade after his death, Honda is using that same data, along with some giant speakers and lights to recreate that incredible lap in a flurry of noise. This is a beautiful tribute.
Honda took the racing telemetry from Senna’s F1 car in 1989 and positioned a series of lights and speakers along the racing-line on the Japanese F1 GP course.
The lights and noise fuse perfectly to create almost a ghost of Senna’s F1 car flying around the track in a haze of engine screams.