Los Deluxe :: ISSUE 126

By August 1, 2013El Rancho Deluxe

On today’s menu: the Baja Social Club Teaser, daddy’s little helper in smart-looking flask, and a minimalistic bike fender.





Baja Social Club Teaser

Back when I lived in the high desert of Southern California as a wee lad, our next door neighbor had a custom buggy that he rode in The Baja 1000. I remember being amazed at this machine with its cage of steel, and huge knobby tires. It was like you knew someone who had visited the Moon, and brought back a rover. Our neighbor told us of the punishment and beautiful brutality that the Baja 1000 dealt to its participants. How he raced against regular folk – like Steve McQueen and James Garner. This film is a tribute to those pioneers who blazed the trail and created the “original extreme sport.” Via Hemmings.

Baja Social Club is the authentic human story of a band of pioneering and passionate risk-takers that four decades ago created the original extreme sport while unknowingly revealing a very special land for the rest of the world to enjoy. They are the last of their breed, but still young at heart.
Today’s Mexican 1000 vintage off-road rally serves a backdrop for the inspirational tale of how these men come together, perhaps for the last time, to rediscover themselves on a 1,200-mile journey to their collective soul. This primitive, hostile and beautiful strip of dreams that was once their most daunting adversary has now become their spiritual home.



Who needs silly dirt marks up your back? Not you if you have a Musguard attached to your back.

“Originally designed for use on fixed gear/single speed bikes, Musgard fits most frames with paired seat stays and works best on bikes without a rear brake.”


8 oz. Flask & Waxed Canvas Case :: Best Made

My only question about this 8 oz flask, “Okay fine, but what if I need 16 ounces of daddy’s little helper to make it through to 10am?”

8 oz. Flask & Waxed Canvas Case :: Best Made