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He was in better films by far, but this is how I’m going to remember the great Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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Our second Megadeluxe t-shirt. Designed by graphic designer Can Seylan. Comes in black or gray. Made of 100% fine ring-spun combed cotton by American Apparel.
Wear it proud knowing you’re doing a bit of good as well: 5% of the proceeds from the sale of this tee will be donated to UNICEF.


“We’re so stoked to have our latest t-shirt designed by Can Seylan. He has this rough and gritty elegance in his work that we truly dig. Can’t wait to work with him again.”
– crash


Jochen Paesen is a car designer for BMW where he plays an active role in shaping the interiors of its future cars. Jochen is also a skilled photographer and artist who knows how to capture a moment in time.


“I currently live in Munich and work for BMW Design. I was born in Belgium where I spent the first 9 years of my life. Before moving to Germany I also lived in South Africa, France, England and The Netherlands. Despite moving around so often I feel at home wherever I live. It has broadened my way of thinking and has allowed me to discover new cultures and learn new languages, which has been a valuable way of stimulating my creative thinking.”
– jochen paesen


Argonaut Cycles are made entirely in the Pacific Northwest. Ben Farver is a master at carbon construction, “We use carbon not because it’s pretty, not because it makes a good story, but because it makes the best bicycles.”

Photos by John “Prolly” Watson



“As I went through the process, and as I worked with people, I figured out that fit is important but it’s not the biggest value I can give a customer, but really what you’re getting out of a custom bike is something that performs to your riding style, to your body type, and to your power output. That’s the cool part.”
– ben farver


Just in time for holidays, ICON releases a collection of six pieces honoring some legendary automobiles. ICON’s Founder Jonathan Ward has amassed thousands of photographs, taken at private collections and events around the world.



“Throughout the years, I have amassed an incredible collection of images focusing on the specific elements of great designs. Up until now, these have served solely as inspiration, but now I have figured out a creative way to share them.”
– jonathan ward


A stunning Ducati that I recently reviewed on Bike EXIF. Head over to Bike EXIF to get all the details on this high-performance Ducati from Anthony Warnock and Corse Motorcycles.

Corso Ducati

“We looked at every part of the bike and discussed color, finish and whether we’d change it, then what options we had. We made sure we did the little things too, whether people noticed them or not.”
– anthony warnock


The Prescott Speed Hill Climb has been held in Gloucestershire, England since 1937. Photographer Jim Darling, who lives near Gloucestershire, contacted me about the Prescott. After seeing his images I was hooked. I asked Jim if could contribute a story about this truly historic race.

Prescott Speed Hill Climb by Jim Darling

“I have been using cameras since I was 12, my Dad bought me a very used and second-hand Canon AE-1 on holiday in the USA – I still own it. He then helped me develop as a snapper with encouragement and purpose until you have what you see here today.”
– jim darling

Prescott Hill is one of those places that has been on my list of places I ought to have been to, but never have. Of course I knew about it, a bit. I knew it was only forty minutes from my house. I knew it was steeped in racing history, that it had hosted noise, danger and speed in equal measure for 80 years or so. What I didn’t know was why the hell had I not got off my butt and made the effort to go. A chance encounter with a display of those sad, fold out leaflets advertising Monkey World, Barometer World, and “Ice a Cake Expo” provided the inspiration. My wife persuaded me I needed to go before it was too late and that afternoon I was on the phone arranging a track side pass and getting my kit list sorted out for the weekend.


I’ve been collecting vintage patches for years. Now I’m opening up my patch vault (doesn’t everyone have one?) and pairing them with traditionally styled baseball caps from Flexfit. This Sunbeam Tiger vintage patch (in mint condition) is from the Sixties.
Wear it proud knowing you have the only one in town, and you’re doing a bit of good as well: 10% of the proceeds from our vintage caps will be donated to UNICEF.
The Sunbeam Tiger was a high-performance V8 version of the British Rootes Group’s Sunbeam Alpine roadster, designed in part by Carroll Shelby. Produced from 1964 until 1967.
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Sunbeam Tiger Vintage Cap

“The Sunbeam Tiger was the cheapest way to have a Shelby engineered, small block Ford powered two seat British convertible in the ’60s. Built by the Rootes Group, the Sunbeam Tiger was a leading sports car value in the ’60s.”
– tigers united



Sunbeam Tiger


Not that I’m complaining, but this brilliant-looking 1977 BMW R60/7 from Blaz Sustarsic and ER motorcycles is the second BMW we’ve featured this week. A nice trend, and it’s good to see old BMW motos being brought back to life like this. Another ER motorcycle (‘83 BMW R80) was recently featured on Pipeburn.

ER motorcycles

“Giving my full attention to little details that make a motorcycle special, unique…a work of art.”
– blaz sustarsic



International Harvester Scout Cap. Another patch from our collection. We’re opening up the vault and pairing vintage patches with high-quality baseball caps. Wear it proud knowing you have the only one in town, and you’re doing a bit of good as well: 10% of the proceeds from all our vintage caps will be donated to UNICEF.
The Scout by International Harvester was an American off-road vehicle manufactured from 1961 to 1980.
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International Harvester Scout Cap


It used to be hard for me to look at a BMW K100 and see the possibilities. It just never did anything for me. But with this outstanding rebuild by Marc Robrock, I stand corrected. This BMW was featured on Bike EXIF awhile back, and Marc is starting a new company called motofication. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Mr. Robrock.
Photos by Thomas Riese.

’84 BMW K100 by Marc Robrock

“I remembered the BMW K100, a bike that was so expensive, when it first came out, you could have bought a car for the same money. Today I have to admit, it wasn’t the ugliest bike, but there are some forms of a K100 that are really not nice.”
– marc robrock



Based out of New Bedford, Mass., Choppahead is at the forefront of new (2001 and on) Triumph chopper scene. In fact, Choppahead offered the first production hardtail frame for new Triumphs. In this interview, owners Jay and Truth expound on the Choppahead’s mission, how they bring the punk ethic to their business, and explain what a badass cafe racer is doing in their lineup.


“We are Choppahead…It’s a metaphor for who we are – we’re societal outcasts – shitty, gritty, grimy old punk rock kids but at the same time stand up dudes with class.”
– truth