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Proudly hailing from Indiana, Corey and Casey Wilkinson run Wilkinson Bros. – a design and illustration studio. (I would almost instigate a small crime spree to have their amazing space). In this interview, Corey talks about their studio, motorcycles (their blog, Good Spark Garage covers moto-culture) and how working close to the Racing Capital of the World is good for business.

Wilkinson Bros

Tell us a little about you and Casey and where you live and work?
We’re graphic designers and illustrators who run a small shop in the Indianapolis area. We live and work in the northern burbs where our office is located in the Carmel Arts & Design District. Though many of our clients are in the Indy area, we serve clients all over America.

Wilkinson Brothers

You guys are twins. (Identical?) How are you the same? How are you different?
Yep. Identical. Lotta folks who know us don’t have trouble telling us apart, but nearly every day when we’re out n’ about we’ll hear, “you guys twins?” Our personalities are pretty different, but our work ethic is similar. We each have our own families and live in different communities, so we’re not inseparable, but when it comes to work or motorcycles we’re on the same page.

Wilkinson Brothers

“Our personalities are pretty different, but our work ethic is similar. We each have our own families and live in different communities, so we’re not inseparable, but when it comes to work or motorcycles we’re on the same page.”
– corey wilkinson



Why companies (and specifically startups) need to put their customers first, and stop torturing themselves by emulating Steve Jobs. Here’s an excerpt of a post I wrote last week for Medium.

Steve Jobs

“Steve Jobs is an impossible act to follow — this type of human comet only comes around every 100 years or so.”

Full disclosure, I worked at Apple for four years. I now run my own UI/UX design firm that works primarily with startups and Fortune 50 companies.

Since leaving Apple, I’ve worked with many startups. I’ve found that people who run and work for startups are generally bright and hard-working. Passionate about their companies. You can’t help but admire these folks, and I absolutely love working with most of them. But, ever since Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs came out a trend has reared its somewhat ugly head. This trend deserves a Jesus-inspired hashtag: #WhatWouldSteveDo. My thinking is not new — some of my colleagues in the design industry are on record about how the Isaacson book has made our job both easier and more difficult at the same time. Easy, in that “design first” has become a practice that many startups now follow in earnest. Difficult in that “customer first” has fallen to benchwarmer status. On the team but no longer a starter.

Building A Faster Horse
I was witness to the beginnings of #WhatWouldSteveDo. At an Apple town hall meeting, Steve, in answering an employee’s question about involving customers, uttered the following Henry Ford saying,

“If I had asked my customers what they wanted they would have said a faster horse.”

A poster-worthy saying if nothing else. Nonetheless, that quote vibrated out to the design and business world immediately. Many companies (and especially startups) took this quote literally: see, Steve Jobs doesn’t follow his customers, so we’re going to go with our guts as well, and MVP the hell out of our products. However, if I were ever asked by a startup founder what I thought about the “Faster Horse” quote, I would lead with a slight jab,

But didn’t Ford also manufacture the Edsel — the worst car failure ever?

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Megadeluxe Limited-Edition Shortsleeve T-Shirt. A bit of human error between our screen printer and us resulted in an extra batch of short sleeve tees. So, we’re offering this limited-edition black shortsleeve t-shirt – buy one here.
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Designed by artist Damian King. T-shirt by American Apparel.


“I feel sexy in my jeans and wearing my boyfriend’s [Megadeluxe] T-shirt.
– jennifer aniston :: actress & former bare-knuckle boxer


Girl Not Included is a new category we’re starting at Megadeluxe. Featuring women who have a true love of speed, sport and design. “Girl power – Dad!” as my seven-year-old daughter tells me.
Update: The response to this post has been unbelievable. It definitely hit a live wire. We’ve been getting some requests about turning this into a book. (A Kickstarter campaign perhaps?) Would love to hear you thoughts. Drop me a line in the comments section (or here) if you think this might be something you’d like to see us produce, or would like to be involved in somehow.

Girl Not Included :: Volume 01

Bethany Hamilton :: Soul Surfer

“Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That’s what little girls are made of; the heck with sugar and spice.”
– bethany hamilton :: professional surfer


Thanks to everyone who bought this limited-edition t-shirt designed by Damian King. We’ll re-issue this tee in November 2014.

For The Love of Speed :: Megadeluxe T-Shirt


“I don’t need a whole lot. For me, a [Megadeluxe] T-Shirt, a pair of shorts, barefoot on a beach and I’m happy.”
– yanni :: musical legend & former nunchuk champion


Craig Lynn is a seasoned photographer with a love of motor racing and motorcycles. Speaking of motorcycles, he’s had the pleasure of riding with another bike fanatic – a somewhat obscure singer from New Jersey who simply goes by Bruce (or “The Boss”) in some corners of the world.

Photographer Craig Lynn


Bruce Springsteen and his Confederado

From Craig: I’m in my early 50′s. I live in London. I was an actor when i was very young, lived in NYC in the early 80′s, lived for a spell in Tokyo, then moved to Los Angeles in 1985 for 10 years. I did some acting but also Art Directed some commercials and Music Videos. I also represented a good friend of mine who is an artist, sculptor, furniture designer, Mark Brazier-Jones. Towards the end of my time there I started to get some photography jobs.

“My father was a director so there were always viewfinders around the house growing up and round his neck! I was interested in my late teens and really took an interest when I was going out with a fantastic girl who I really wanted to photograph and make her look great.”
– craig lynn


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Enzo Ferrari himself once said of the Jaquar E-Type, “The most beautiful car ever made.” This three time 100-point JCNA National Champion is being offered by RM Auctions next month.


“We decided at the commencement of development that this car was not to be a specialized racing car…although the general approach to the design in both appearance and performance follows racing trends.”
– william m. heynes, jaguar’s chief engineer


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I’ve always felt like a Southern Californian even though I’ve lived in the Bay Area for nearly twenty years. So it’s always nice to visit Deus Ex Machina in Venice and soak up the old SoCal vibe. As this short video shows, you can grab a good cup of joe, look at some killer custom motos (by builder Mike Woolaway), all in a laid-back cafe atmosphere.

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina


“New York is a little less wonderful tonight.”
– jon stewart :: daily show


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A motorcycle so dark and sinister-looking, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Darth Vader reserved one of these bad-boys. Bandit9′s Daryl Villanueva tells the story behind the “hand-and-eye” building of this bike, what it means to have an emotional connection with a machine, and his total belief that China is on the rise when it comes to creating quality products.

Limited Edition Nero Mark II :: By Bandit9

What you were trying to achieve with the Limited Edition Nero Mark II?
With the Nero Mark II, we wanted to create a bike that’s hard to categorize. Is it a café racer? A bobber? A chopper? I have no idea. We just set out to create something fun to ride that will really turn heads. We wanted to create a blend of vintage machinery with contemporary design, and the Nero Mark II does just that.
The only thing that hasn’t been redesigned on the Nero Mark II is its original 750cc Chang Jiang engine, although it has been rebuilt. There’s a lot of character and history behind the Chinese engine. Everything else, we pretty much threw out the door. The Nero Mark II is everything I wanted the original Nero to be.

Limited Edition Nero Mark II :: By Bandit9

The frame was completely reshaped so that we could create a bike with an elongated body and a low, athletic stance. The original hexagon tank and fender were carried over from the original design but we’ve made some modifications, including tapering the overall shape, making it slimmer than the original. We refashioned the gas cap to make the bike’s silhouette truly flat. There’s a gentle curve on the rear fender and this time, it’s directly welded to the frame. The brake light is also embedded inside the fender giving it that futuristic look. And, the seat was engineered to make the rider look like he’s sitting on air.

All the hand and foot controls are made from stainless steel and were re-engineered to make the ergonomics far superior to the original. We also revisited the inverted levers to give that vintage touch to the machine.

As for the front end, we’ve given the Nero Mark II Harley Davidson headlights, which are brighter, clearer and more durable than the original. We’ve left the front suspensions exposed, which gives the bike a lot of character since it gives you a glimpse of the mechanics. As for the steering, we’ve welded the handlebars directly to the fork. It’s something that we did on the original Nero as well. It feels far more responsive and gives the bike a cleaner look, which is better than the alternative – a mess of nuts and bolts just to hold a bar in place.

And of course, we’ve kept the Nero’s signature stealthy matte black.

“The difficult thing about launching a motorcycle company in China is that you don’t have access to a lot of parts and accessories, as well as the tools and machines that you’d normally use to do the most basic of tasks. So everything about the Nero Mark II had to be done by hand-and-eye.”
– daryl villanueva


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Recently, photographer and Bonneville racer, Gunther Maier introduced me to the work of Sven Doornkaat. His mastery of night photography came from many years of trial and error.

Sven Doornkaat :: Photographer & Light Master
Sven Doornkaat :: Photographer & Light Master

“I was born in Germany, raised in Austria and came to the US more than ten years ago. It took me quite some time to find my niche in photography. I started as a photo reporter for a local newspaper, had a still life studio for a couple of years, worked as a food photographer for a PR firm, was hired by a big news photo agency and traveled all over Europe, I even worked for an adult magazine for a while.”
– sven doornkaat


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Ellaspede out of Brisbane, Australia has made a name for themselves in the custom motorcycle scene with some head-turning creations.



“We wanted to showcase the lifestyle of Ellaspede and the community of people, riders and friends who make it all happen.”
– ellaspede


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