1985 RUF Carrera 3.2

Chet Parsons joins Megadeluxe to help us cover objects with four wheels and a combustion engine. He’ll also be curating Auto-Mania World Roundup – a new series we’ve been wanting to do for quite awhile. (Chet has promised to come up with a better title for this series).

Chet Parsons is a textbook car geek of the highest degree, perpetually torn between air-cooled Porsches and early BMW M-cars, Chet joins Megadeluxe to share stories of cars and the people who love them. Expect a serious bias toward 80s and 90s European sports cars, and serious encouragement to get out and drive (or ride) whatever motorized conveyance gets the petrol pumping in your veins. And don’t be surprised by random references to 80s new wave, Douglas Adams, or Monty Python.

Photos by Kalem Romero

1985 RUF Carrera 3.2

1985 RUF Carrera 3.2

It’s 1985, and you’ve decided to buy a Porsche, but the standard fare from Stuttgart doesn’t quite do it for you. The obvious thing to do, then is to contact Alois Ruf at the company that bears his name, right? A family business that evolved from a local garage into a certified manufacturer building Porsche-based production cars, RUF Automobile is perhaps best known for the Yellowbird, a 469 horsepower, twin-turbo, 911-based legend formally known as the CTR. This Road & Track cover model hit 217 mph in 1987, and was immortalized on video in “Faszination,” which features RUF test-driver Stefan Roser wrestling the CTR around the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

But as tempting as one of RUF’s turbocharged creations might be, the reality is that you’re not Stefan Roser. This means the possibility of leaving the road backwards in a frenzy of turbo boost and lift-throttle oversteer is a more of a probability than a possibility. Which brings us to the car featured here, a naturally aspirated RUF 911. But where does this car fit, without the turbocharging that practically defines RUF’s creations?

“The RUF Carrera, as a whole, delivers a 911 driving experience that is elevated ever so slightly. It’s not that it is so much faster or more refined, but that it is given a level of attention and tuned to be the best a naturally aspirated 911 can be. It is properly sorted, and less of a hooligan than a turbocharged car from either RUF or the Porsche factory.”

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