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Sold for $507,875.00

1934 Lou Gehrig Tour of Japan Game Worn Uniform.

The Gehrig uniform sold for $507,875.00 on August 4, 2011 1.

Description from Heritage Auction:

“1934 Lou Gehrig Tour of Japan Game Worn Uniform. Representing the highlight of what is unquestionably the most significant hobby find of this young decade, the presented uniform ends a widely debated mystery and brings this Platinum Night auction squarely into the crosshairs of the hobby’s most serious and advanced uniform collectors.

Only a tiny handful of uniforms from the game’s most noteworthy foreign excursion have been unearthed in the seventy-five years since Ruth, Gehrig, Foxx and about a dozen other American Tourists steamed back to our shores, the Babe’s commanding more than three quarters of a million dollars in a 2005 auction. But even before Ruth’s personal model established its mark as the highest price ever paid at auction for an exhibition baseball uniform, hobbyists wondered where, and if, Lou Gehrig’s might be found.”


1 Expensive? Sure. But, you just can’t find flannel of this quality anymore. I’ve looked.

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1989 Michael Jordan NBA All-Star Game Worn & Signed Sneakers


Jewish Boxers by Charles Miller

From The Jerusalem Report:
“A chance encounter with a book about Jewish boxers turned Charles Miller into an obsessed man, giving him a new career as a portraitist of Jewish prizefighting’s Golden Age.”

+ Source: Jewish Boxers by Charles Miller

Dan Ogborn Exercise Scientist

Dan Ogborn. A man with barbells on the brain. Handsome site designed by Forefathers1 .

“I’ve been involved in the health and fitness community for 12 years. I started as the guy that cleaned up the weights, moved up to trainer, strength coach and now a PhD candidate investigating the effects of exercise on skeletal muscle. Despite my shift to the academic world, I’ve always remained grounded in the practice of strength. With significant experience in strength training, human anatomy, physiology and exercise science, I bring a healthy balance of the practical, theoretical and scientific aspects of exercise to my writing and training.”


1 I heart you guys. I HATE YOU GUYS. I heart you guys. (I’m so conflicted – but let’s end it on a love thing.)


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Dan Ogborn

Fixed biker nearly ran me over today. I would have yelled, but his bike was a work of art.

Soho Fixed. London

Bruce Ely. Sports Photographer

Bruce Ely is a freelance sports photographer in the Portland Oregon Area.

+ Source: Bruce Ely

If Marcel Duchamp had designed sports equipment – I think it would have looked like this 1930 exercise cycle from Sports Antiques UK.

Vintage exercise bicycle.
This early 20th century excercise bike is in full working order. The cast iron fly wheel can be adjusted by a canvas tensioning belt. Each full rotation of the wooden disk in view of the cyclist indicates a quarter of a mile. The handle bars are height adjustable as is the sprung leather Brooks saddle. The whole bike is secured onto a polished pine board.

(The cycling distance is measured by the rotation of the flywheel which is connected to a sprocket that turns a worm wheel which turns a bar with a small wheel that is connected by a rope to the large wooden disk).

+ Source: Sports Antiques UK

Art Streiber – Photographer

I had the opportunity to work with Art on a shoot a few years back. He’s a maestro with the camera. Best of all – he’s damn nice to work with.

+ Source: Art Streiber

Eastbound & Down: The Complete Second Season (2010)

Because he’s Kenny f*ckin’ Powers.

+ Sources:
Eastbound And Down :: HBO
• Pre-order on Amazon.com :: Release date: August 2, 2011

In a word…stunning.

Darren Heath – Photographer. Formula One
Darren Heath – Photographer:

Darren Heath is a multi-award winning photographer based in London England, specialising in Formula One and the automotive industry, endeavouring to cover events and commissions in a creative and artistic manner using natural light and colour to their maximum effect.

+ Source: darrenheath.com

Four Old-Time Balls

Range of baseballs from 1850’s to 1920’s. From Antique Athlete:

1) Turn of the Century Reach BOUNDER Baseball.
This is an exceptional antique baseball which dates to the prime of the deadball era. Baseballs from this era were often given colorful names like, ROCKET, BOUNDER, CHAMPION, PITCHER’S PRIDE, etc…

2) 1870-80’s Figure-8 Stitched Baseball.
This is a fantastic example of a figure-8 stitched baseball. Just prior to this era in baseball the lemon-peel stitch pattern was primarily in use. This fine vintage baseball represents the very first style of baseball that remains in use today! It is a wonderful example with soft, supple leather and tight stitching that remains completely intact.

3) 1850’s Lemon-Peel Style Baseball.
This is an exceptional antique baseball which dates back to the days of Abner Doubleday. This is the same style of baseball which is displayed at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Amazingly, the leather has remained supple and the stitching is completely intact.

4) 1910-20’s D&M Green and Red Stitched “Double-Seam” Baseball.
Made by the Draper and Maynard Sporting Goods Company. This is the very first of this style baseball that we have ever seen! The stitching is complete and tight, and the overall condition is excellent with a nice D&M logo.

Unfortunately, they’re all sold. It appears that I have a thing for old baseballs.

+ Source: Antique Athlete :: Vintage Baseballs

Old Debden Speedway Racers Clubhouse Coffee Table
Modern50 is my favorite place to go see objects. This site makes you an instant deluxe dumpster-diver.

+ Source: Modern 50