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Vintage Basketball Shoes
One of my favorite vintage sports sites – Antique Athlete recently sold these leather basketball shoes.

From the looks of it, the original owner’s ¹ petrified-feet (sawed off at the ankles) were also included in the sale.

¹ Update: I can neither confirm or deny that these are the original owner’s feet.

Vintage Crash Helmets

Easter Island wooden mannequin head not included.

Dashing vintage crash-helmets from Sports Antiques in the UK. Although, I have to say that the top-right helmet looks like it was made from a trashcan cover.

I can feel the wind-in-my-face and the bugs in my choppers.

Everyman outfielder Sam Fuld plays the game with a reckless-abandonment that fans love.

Sam Fuld :: Fearlessness Is His Only Option

Photographs By Brian Finke

A story in the New Yorker about Sam Fuld – Tampa Bay Ray’s scrappy outfielder.Super Sam, written by Ben McGrath.

“Fuld attributes his kamikaze style of play to the teen-age realization that he was going to be “pretty limited physically,” and that fearlessness was his only option.”

Fuld’s style of play reminds me of a young Bill Buckner1 before he mangled his ankle.

Bart Giamatti is doing cartwheels of joy in his grave.

+ Source: Super Sam :: By Ben McGrath :: New Yorker (Pay for access)

1 Holy-shit fact: Bill Buckner had 2,715 hits in nearly twenty years in the majors.


1913 Vampire Cup

Okay, I’ll bite – what did you have to do to win the Gold Cup at the 1913 Transylvania World Cup?

Am I creeped out by the 1913 Vampire Cup? Yes, yes I am.

Do I sometimes scream like a little school-girl at horror films? Yes, yes I do.

From Etsy Ad:
“Do you like Vampires? This is a mysterious and rare 1913 silver trophy cup award (unknown origin). The engraving ‘VAMPIRE CUP 1913′ is done in a lovely script and the cup displays beautifully!”

+ Source: Etsy. Listing # 77329252. Price: $199.

Unopened German Sweatbands From 2006 World Cup Year

I had to pass on this craigslist offer – since I prefer that all my German sweatbands have DNA authenticated Germanic-sweat.

As one of the world’s top German Sport sweatband collectors 1 – my reputation is all that I have.

Actually craigslist ad reads:
German sweatbands from 2006 World Cup year, brought back from Germany (san carlos) Unopened package of 2 arm sweatbands from Germany during 2006 world cup. They are great looking and cool for any sports collector!! Fair/Reasonable offer accepted!

1 You’re talking to the guy who owns the preeminent collection of Dirk Nowitzki and Detlef Schrempf sweat-o-philia.


Walt "The Clyde" Frazier. New York Knicks Legend

Walt "The Clyde" Frazier. New York Knicks Legend. And Pioneer Hi-Fi Spokesman

For now, the study offers no conclusive evidence on whether a binky or a nighty-night-kiss could also increase performance.

As reported by Erin Allday in the San Francisco Chronicle, Stanford study on sleep shows that increasing ones sleep can also elevate your performance:

Eleven players from Stanford’s varsity basketball team who tried to get at least 10 hours of sleep every night. Collectively, they increased their speed and improved the accuracy of both their free-throw and three-point shooting by 9 percent.

Sleep? Seriously, when you’re young-and-single-and-likes-to-mingle? All I gotta say – what would Walt “Clyde” Frazier do?1

1 “What Would Clyde Do?” (or WWCD?) has always been my motto for me when it comes to life and parenting.

+ Sources:
Stanford Study On Sleep and Performance :: Erin Allday :: San Francisco Chronicle
Walt Frazier Pioneer Advertisement :: Found in Mom’s Basement

Nike Vintage Waffle


1963 Sandy Koufax Exhibit Card.

The McCourts and their ugly divorce shows how this couple treated the Dodgers like a bottomless piggy bank.

I just finished reading “A Major-League Divorce” written by by Vanessa Grigoriadis for Vanity Fair. It’s an excellent account of the McCourt divorce and their disastrous ownership of the Dodger franchise.

The McCourts have plundered this baseball treasure by spending like there was no tomorrow:

The $19 million dollar laundry house:

“For beach homes, they purchased a John Lautner-designed house in Malibu, from Courteney Cox and David Arquette for $27.3 million. They took the beachfront bungalow next door, too—after all, it was only $19 million. In court papers, Jamie said that they used the bungalow to house an overflow of guests from time to time and do extra laundry.”

The $12 million dollar pool:

“They spent $12.4 million to rip out the tennis courts and build an Olympic-size indoor-pool complex, including a poolhouse, a sauna, and massage rooms. (The house already had an outdoor pool, as did the Lautner house, but Jamie felt those were not suitable for the kind of long-distance swimming she liked to do.)”

Paying a Dodger employee a salary of $400,00 to run one of the team’s charities:

“In 2007, the Dodgers paid $400,000 to an employee to oversee one of the team’s charities, which had only a $1.6 million annual budget.”

$600,000 salary to their two sons:

“The organization paid a $400,000 salary to one of their sons, who worked at Goldman Sachs, and $200,000 to another, a student at Stanford University, to do jobs with rather elusive duties. (The couple has never been able to explain to the press what those jobs entail.)”

The $30,000-a-month hotel suite:

“To all appearances, Frank McCourt seems essentially broke—although he is living in a $30,000-a-month suite at the Montage hotel—and struggling to pay the team’s bills.”

The $10,000-a-month haircutter:

“Frank and Jamie spent as much as $10,000 a month on a haircutter who tended to their locks five days a week.”

But worst of all:

“An off-duty paramedic from Santa Cruz was beat to a pulp in a poorly lit parking lot of the stadium—an incident that was laid at McCourt’s feet, since he had let go of the Dodgers’ chief of security four months earlier..”


Back when football players had mannish names like Jim “Blood” McNally, Otto Graham, and the still-ticking Eddie “Ironballs” Budzinski.

Vintage Football Helmets
From the look of these vintage helmets, I’m guessing face-masking wasn’t in the rule book yet.

Fashion side note: I believe the bottom orange helmet was made by Hermes. You can tell by the reverse stitching and refined craftsmanship.

 Credit: Antique Athlete


Payback-time for the Heat starts early…bitches.

I’ve watched and studied the video – frame-by-frame like it was the Zapruder film of roundball. This expert’s conclusion: no smoking gun, and the kid was definitely asking for a full-on Dunkzilla.

+ Update: Sorry, my bad. Headline should have read, “Lebron dunks on youth camper.” That sounds so much better.

Lebron James, Baron Davie, Amare Stoudemire, Kurt Rambis
Because nothing says hot-intellectual like butch glasses.

It crept up on me like a Tom Cruise film festival.1 When did black-rim prescription glasses become a favorite accessory amongst the vertically gifted? We’re talking Amare, Lebron and Baron among the better known wearers. My favorite of the bunch: Kurt Rambis.
Tragically, The Rambis no longer wears chunk-a-hunks.² The former Laker forward went glass-less ages ago.

1 As of today, the world does not care enough to hold a Tom Cruise Film Festival. I’m not sure if I want to live in that kind of world.
2 Chunk-a-Hunks? I’m fairly sure that was a line of pants from the Big And Tall Stores.


If it was good enough for Bo – it’s good enough for me.


Before there were Motorola and AT&T headsets, (and the boat-load of sponsor money they threw at sports) there was the classic David Clark headset. From Bo Schembechler to Bud Grant, these were standard issue for football coaches in both college and the NFL back in the 60s and 70s. The Right Stuff – used by commercial pilots and Apollo astronauts.