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James Clarke’s iPhone Photography

By September 5, 2012Photography

I can’t remember how I came across Knox Bronson’s excellent P1XELS.com, but one of the photographers that really caught my eye there was James Clarke. With only the iPhone, and its apps, he’s able to create some really stunning work.



I asked James a couple of questions about his iPhone photos:
How you get that “painting” like look with your photos.
About 6-months ago, I read somewhere that there were over 9000 photographic related apps on iTunes. I currently have 194 apps on my iPhone, of which I probably use about 15 to 20 on a regular basis. Although there are many apps available do imitate painterly techniques, most of my images utilize combinations of several apps to achieve the final outcome.

What is it about cars that you like to shoot?
I am an opportunistic photographer. When I see a beautiful car, whatever it’s vintage, I whip out my iPhone. I see cars as a vehicle (pun intended) for artistic expression. Not all cars fall into this category, but the older “classics” are particularly beautiful and interesting to use for my images. Cars are just one group of images that I focus on.

“I strive for strong composition and color. I wouldn’t say that my work is accidental. It is more like controlled experimentation. The more familiar I become with the applications and filters used to create my images, the more I experiment to push the iPhoneographic boundaries.”
– james clarke

+ Source: P1XELS.com