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Franchitti Drives Jim Clarks Indy-Winning Lotus 38 Ford

By January 16, 2012Cars, Videos

The Lotus 38 Ford. One of the best-looking machines on four wheels. And from Dario Franchetti’s opinion – a beast on wheels as well.

“You really drive it with just your wrists, you can’t help it because there’s no space like in a modern Indy car – you have to use your whole body. This thing you’re just driving with your fingertips and your wrists, and it responds beautifully.”
– dario franchitti on driving the lotus 38

Exploded Lotus-Ford (1965)

THF74940 Jim Clark driving Lotus race car at Indianapolis 500, May 1965; photo by Dave Friedman

Fantastic video from Road & Track of Dario Franchitti driving the Lotus 38. The look and sound of this machine is stunning. Exploded Lotus-Ford race car driven by Jim Clark, 1965. (I actually found the exploded poster first, and then located the video from 2010 – I love the web).

+ Source: Exploded Lotus-Ford (1965) :: Lee Sutton :: Flickr