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Schindelhauer Bikes :: Viktor

By April 24, 2012Bicycles

Visually-tasty bike from Schindelhauer Bikes. The carbon drive belt makes the Viktor nearly maintenance free.

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“From Belt DR, ‘Bikes to conquer urban space.‘ With a motto like that, these guys must be from Detroit or Philly…right? Check that…they’re from Vancouver Canada. The most polite city I’ve ever visited. So, they’re going conquer urban space with manners? Good luck with that.”
– megadeluxe

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About the Viktor:

Are you willing to take up the daily challenge on the streets of your city? Victor won’t let you down and will support you all the way. The Gates Carbon DriveTM belt gets to the very heart of the philosophy of Fixed-Gear-Bikes: they are absolutely maintenance-free. Waiving all superfluous details is the ideology of the hard-minded purist. Only 8,7 kg in total weight is a challenge, yet Victor shines with robust components that are essential for tough daily usage.

Correction: When first published, this post had incorrectly mentioned that Schindelhauer Bike was from Vancouver. Although Belt DR, located in Vancouver is a distributor of this bike, Schindelhauer is from Magdeburg, Germany.

Email from Seroj de Graaf:

As distributor for Schindelhauer in the Netherlands and Belgium I like to inform you that Schindelhauer is not from Vancouver Canada. Schindelhauer is from Magdeburg Germany. Their bikes ares designed and build in Germany. the company in Vancouver is distributor of their bikes in Canada.

German Engineering in the house :-)

Wish you all the best with your blog!
Best regards from the bicycle capital in the world.
Seroj de Graaf, Amsterdam – The Netherlands :: Aesthetic Peddler

+ Source: Schindelhauer Bikes :: Viktor