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SuperFly Brits :: Austin Healey & Land Rover

By August 28, 2013Cars

Now I went and did it. Looks like I need to start doing a SuperFly series – too many interesting rides out there, and now I have the flying bug. Speaking of a flying bug…up next: a series of flying VW vans. Easy pickings in my Berkeley hood.



“In the not too distant future, “SuperFly” hackers will take vintage vehicles and transform them into magnificent flying machines – all the while keeping their character intact and eschewing perfect paint jobs and body work. These hackers will take their inspiration from Star Wars, Blade Runner, and all the rusted Rat Rods that show up in bigger numbers at Bonneville Speedweek every year.”



Rat Rods: Originally a counter-reaction to the high-priced “customs” and typical hot rods, many of which were seldom driven and served only a decorative purpose. The rat rod’s inception signified a throwback to the hot rods of the earlier days of hot-rod culture—built according to the owner’s abilities and with the intention of being driven. Rat rods are meant to loosely imitate, in both form and function, the “traditional” hot rods of the era. Biker, greaser, rockabilly, psychobilly, and punk sub-cultures are often cited as influences that shaped rat rodding. Via Wikipedia

“It’s become a family event with SuperFly Rides. I pack my camera, strap in my young daughter and son, and we drive the streets of Oakland and Berkeley looking for old beaters with just the right character (not too clean, perfectly placed dents and rusted patina). My two young car scouts can now spot the perfect SuperFly candidate from two blocks away.”
– crash