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Elechic – Electric Cycles :: Velorbis

By August 26, 2011Art + Design, Bicycles

Elechic - Electric Cycles :: Velorbis

Elechic - Electric Cycles :: Velorbis

Elechic - Electric Cycles :: Velorbis

From Velorbis:

Meet the Velorbis Elechic range of beautifully designed bicycles with full e-bike functionality, with the motor and battery integrated in a safe and subtle way.

We have redefined the e-bike concept with our innovative, unique and compact solution. Our advanced electric driving system specially equipped with the latest technology and features, has been added to our current range of premium bicycles. This means that Victoria Classic, Victoria Balloon, Dannebrog, Scrap Deluxe ladies and Scrap Deluxe Gents, Churchill Classic and Churchill Balloon bicycles can easily be transformed into classic retro vintage electric e-bikes. Simply select the Elechic version of your favourite premium bicycle model to enjoy outstanding vintage retro electric bike functionality.

The name Elechic is a merger of ‘Electric’, as in motor, and ‘Chic’, as in smart, timeless style. It was chosen because it perfectly epitomises the true values of Velorbis by combining first class design, practicality and performance.

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