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Back in Black. Project X is keeping things stealthy.

By December 10, 2012Gear

Watch aficionados like Daniel Craig, 50 Cent, and Stefan Johansson can’t be wrong. UK based Project X Designs does a damn good job of Stealth-Pimping your watch.


We’re big fans of getting under (and over) the hood and customizing things — especially when it involves tweaking an already stellar brand and making it look like Darth Vader’s love child. Project X has been doing this for several years now, updating legendary luxury watches with their own brand of restrained machismo.

They offer three levels of service for watch customization: Bespoke Editions (your own design implemented), Black-Out Editions (Project X’s new models treated with a Military Grade Black coating), and Limited Editions (inspiration from classic watch designs of the past). All of their models exude a cool confidence and sleek look & feel, even if one costs more than your last car.

Bespoke Rolex Explorer II

Black-Out Audemars Piguet Offshore Diver

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Black-Out Rolex Milgauss

Limited Edition Rolex Submariner


+ Source: Project X Designs