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Vintage Beacon II Camera

By July 31, 2011Gear

Vintage Beacon II Camera

Vintage Beacon II Camera. Gin & Tonic has got some ultra-deluxe-looking products on their Etsy.com store.

Excellent tag line from Gin & Tonic: “Design First. Then Drinks.” Who can argue with that logic?

Product Description: This is one great looking camera—tons of art deco charm packed into a small, lightweight package.

Made by Whitehouse Products, Inc. of Brooklyn, New York, the Beacon II dates from the late 40s to mid-50s and features a collapsible lens panel (check the pictures to see the bellows fully extended). Approximately 4.5″ x 4″.

+ Source: Vintage Beacon II :: $47 :: Gin & Tonic :: Etsy.com