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Titanic Model Ship :: Moss :: NYC

By August 24, 2011Art + Design, Gear

Titanic Model Ship. Moss. Azimute

Titanic Model Ship. Moss. Azimute

I’m going to NYC next week, and I like to drop into Moss whenever I’m there. It’s my favorite store in the world. I always find something I can’t live without and afford there. The best curated store in the world.

From Moss:

Azimute, the world-renowned French model-making workshop, always paid close attention to the reproduction of the smallest details on their ship models. Each model is painstakingly constructed one slat at a time, and special attention is paid to the stairs, lifeboats and other deck accessories and fittings. The hull receives 15 layers of varnish; each layer is sanded for a perfectly smooth finish. Made entirely by hand, this model took over 1,000 hours to complete. Azimute has closed, and the Titanic is no longer in production. This is the last available model.

hull and deck in natural wood planking; anchors, propellers and guardrails in brass

59″ x 6″, height: 14″ with stand

Azimute, France


+ Source: Titanic Model Ship :: Moss :: NYC