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Chicara Nagata Motorcycle Posters

By August 27, 2012Motorcycles

Gotta say, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the huge response to Chicara Nagata’s interview and motorcycles. Here’s some posters Chicara sent us of his bikes. No surprise that these too are works of art since he’s also a graphic artist. Extra-large views here.

Chicara Nagata (1)

Chicara Nagata (2)

“I do not have an expensive high level machine. I do shave, sheet metal, welding and metalworking using a hand tool. It takes about 5000 to 7000 hours to make one motorcycle that you can see on my website”
– chicara nagata

Chicara Nagata (3)

Chicara Nagata (4)

+ Hi-Res Version: WallClipper.com

+ Source: Chicara Nagata