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Derringer Cycles :: D. McPherson. Que Bella!

By July 21, 2011Motorcycles

Derringer Cycles :: D. McPherson (1)
Derringer Cycles :: D. McPherson (2)

Derringer Cycles :: D. McPherson (3)
Derringer Cycles :: D. McPherson (4)

Derringer Cycles are handcrafted pieces of art that also happen to get around 180mpg.

“Created by renowned industrial designer Adrian Van Anz, each motorbike is meticulously appointed with unique components available at the owner’s discretion. These include such refined details as hammered copper rivets, hand-made leather saddles and white tires manufactured without the use of carbon black.”

About the D. McPherson:

“Best.Red.Ever. Truth be told we are a little obsessed with red over here. If you come to us and ask for a suggestion on color choice, chances are the color of passion is going to be somewhere in the schema. This bike has such a crisp feel to it. It looks like it made a wrong turn on the way to the salt flats of Bonneville 50 years ago, and somehow ended up at our shop. Resisting the urge to paint the wheels red when we saw how beautifully the tank turned out, we instead painted the wheels white and laced them with black spokes and red anodized spoke nipples for a subtle unifying touch that completes the look.”

I think I can talk Mrs. G into letting me have one of these bad boys. Of course, I have no idea how much one of these Derringers costs. I’ll try to find out…

+ Source: Derringer Cycles :: Los Angeles, California, USA.
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