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JANE Motorcycles Brooklyn NY :: By Cinema Mercantile

By February 4, 2014Motorcycles

“Meet Adam Kallen and Alex DiMattio two friends who come from very different backgrounds but are united in their dream of opening a new kind of motorcycle shop. Taking all of the things they love, coffee, clothing, accessories and of course motorcycles the friends found a space in Brooklyn and got to work. Filmed a few short weeks after opening… this is JANE’s story.”

Hey there! You featured one of my first pieces on the Spare Parts Company motorcycle shop in Philly so I wanted to reach out to you with a new piece. We recently shot a portrait piece on a new moto lifestyle brand out of Brooklyn called JANE Motorcycles. They built the bikes featured in their shop and also feature clothing and gear. We will be filming another piece with them as they build a their first custom bike for sale soon.
– Mike Collins

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