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Poco Bastardo :: Lossa Engineering

By October 29, 2011Motorcycles

Poco Bastardo :: Lossa Engineering

I really like the lines on the Poco Bastardo – a restored Honda CB160 from Lossa Engineering. MegaDeluxe recently featured a heart-seizing video from Lossa Engineering.

To this day, we still get many inquiries asking if Poco Bastardo is still for sale. It is still listed as for sale in many forums and websites from 4 years ago. At that time, it was owned by Jason Lee and I was helping him resell the bike.

So we decided to make 6 limited edition replicas and offer them up for sale. All will be badged and numbered with a special limited edition plaque. You will also get a second plaque mounted with a picture of your bike to hang on your wall. All will look just like the original Poco with the exception of rearsets and custom ceramic coated, polished tipped exhaust system. All will be the same color combination, red frame, silver bodywork.
– Lossa

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