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Assmann’s Balloon :: 1910

By January 4, 2012Sports & Outdoors

Why am I even here? As always, the best stuff around here just writes itself. Although, I see a new phrase for Urban Dictionary.

“After a spectacular flight of 206 miles, in which his balloon was soaked with rain and beaten by hail, William F. Assmann, amateur aeronaut of St. Louis, landed two and a half miles north of Macomb Ill., last night, exactly four hours after his ascension.”
Special to The New York Times. St. Louis Mo., May 2, 1910.

Balloonist Goes 206 Miles

Balloonist Goes 206 Miles. Published by The New York Times. May 3, 1910.

+ Source: Assmann Balloonist Photo :: 1910 :: Library of Congress & Flickr
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