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Is There An Orthopedic Surgeon in The House? (Update)

By April 26, 2013Sports & Outdoors

Good news! Ezra got himself a splint from the NYHQ. Very nice!

Is There An Orthopedic Surgeon in The House? (Update)

From Ezra:

The nice folks at NYHQ made me not one, but two gutter splints yesterday (I turned down a third.. no joke).

One for full support, and one for playing pool and cooking.

They were wonderfully accommodating. All my gratitude.

Now. Off to play some pool, and see how well it works.

(getting that cast off is like getting out of jail.. man oh man.)


Is There An Orthopedic Surgeon in The House? (Update)

This is heartbreaking – bike builder Ezra Caldwell (whose story we’ve told here) is in stage IV metastatic rectal cancer. Tragically he broke his arm (along with separating his shoulder) on a bike ride last weekend. He needs an orthopedic surgeon who is willing to plate his ulna. If you are a bike-loving orthopedic surgeon, living in the New York area, please contact Ezra as soon as possible.

Ezra Caldwell

From Ezra: So here’s the deal. I’m having real trouble finding the humor in this. The discomfort is a non issue compared to the lack of function. Right now, the things that bring me pleasure in life are riding mountain bikes, playing pool, making things, and cooking in the evening for my little family. These are the things that keep me from going off the rails. They are the things that make it seem to me that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Without those things, and none of them are things that I can do with a long arm cast, I’m afraid that the days are going to start feeling pretty long. I was awake for a good portion of the night last night. All I came up with was playing darts.

I’m not looking for suggestions. In fact, please don’t make any.

What I AM looking for is an orthopedic surgeon who is willing to plate my ulna so that I can loose the cast, and even if I am not able to do any weight bearing I WILL at least be able to cook and play pool.