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Sam Fuld :: Fearlessness Is His Only Option

By July 12, 2011Sports & Outdoors

Everyman outfielder Sam Fuld plays the game with a reckless-abandonment that fans love.

Sam Fuld :: Fearlessness Is His Only Option

Photographs By Brian Finke

A story in the New Yorker about Sam Fuld – Tampa Bay Ray’s scrappy outfielder.Super Sam, written by Ben McGrath.

“Fuld attributes his kamikaze style of play to the teen-age realization that he was going to be “pretty limited physically,” and that fearlessness was his only option.”

Fuld’s style of play reminds me of a young Bill Buckner1 before he mangled his ankle.

Bart Giamatti is doing cartwheels of joy in his grave.

+ Source: Super Sam :: By Ben McGrath :: New Yorker (Pay for access)

1 Holy-shit fact: Bill Buckner had 2,715 hits in nearly twenty years in the majors.