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Covering The Plate: A Baseball Catcher Tells All :: NPR Story about Brad Ausmus

By August 19, 2011Sports & Outdoors, Videos

From the Fresh Air article: “Sports Illustrated once called Ausmus “among the finest ever to have played [the catcher position].” His ability to block pitches at the plate and his talent for knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each pitcher he worked with kept him in the league for 18 seasons. Scouts have said his ability to understand hitters’ weaknesses was unparalleled.”

A Catcher’s Catcher
Story of former MLB catcher Brad Ausmus on Fresh Air. Catchers are part psychologist, strategist and hard-nosed diplomat. All while attempting to catch a 100 mph baseball in a squatting position. Brad Ausmus was a catcher’s catcher. He played an incredible eighteen ironman-like years.

Collisions at Homeplate
Interesting take from Aumus on collision plays at home plate. He believes that baserunners have the right to dislodge a catcher from the ball (by initiating contact) at home plate. As far as a runner trying to dislodge a catcher from his head – Ausmus would like to see the league make hits above the shoulders illegal.

Video May 25, 2011: Clip of San Francisco Giant catcher Buster Posey’s explosive collision at the plate. Posey suffered torn ligaments in his left ankle along with a broken bone in his lower left leg. Buster might miss the entire season.

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