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S1 Gravity Bike :: S.I.N. Cycles

By November 13, 2011Art + Design, Bicycles, Videos

Sir Isaac Newton Cycles. The Building and Testing of the S1.

S1 Gravity Bike :: S.I.N. Cycles (1)
S1 Gravity Bike :: S.I.N. Cycles (2)
S1 Gravity Bike :: S.I.N. Cycles (3)

S1 Gravity Bike :: S.I.N. Cycles (4) S1 Gravity Bike :: S.I.N. Cycles (5) S1 Gravity Bike :: S.I.N. Cycles

These craftsman/daredevils make gravity bikes. And they go don’t go slow.

Excellent story on the building of the S1 gravity bike. To give the bike stability, they needed to add weight. This extra-weight had to be as low to the ground as possible. To gain this weight, they forged a 25 pound lead “bomb” which they then attached to the front of the frame:

Because we both wanted more weight and are concerned with aesthetics, we welded two steel hemispheres together, ground the weld down, and made a bomb.

The video shows the S1 taking ride down a run called “Hellway” in Portland – on Highway 26. The S1 has reached a top speed of 58mph so far, but according to S.I.N.1 – they think the S1 can break.

Update: Received an email from S.I.N.:
Above all else we are trying to get the word out about gravity sports. Its a fantastic form of racing. Thanks for helping to spread the word about S.I.N. Cycles. Over the next month and up to September 11 we are going to be super busy upgrading our three wheeled Gmachine and pumping out two new Gbike designs. We’ll be sure and send you and email soon as worthy info is available:) You can also find us on Facebook if you are into social networking that is. Thanks again, The Disreputable SIN Brothers p.s. we will break 80mph within the next year no doubt ;)

I asked Mrs. G. if I could have an S1. She replied, “No problem. As soon as I can call you my first husband, it’s all yours.”

1 S.I.N. Cycles, just about the most awesome company name ever next to DR. E.V.I.L. Inc.

+ Source: S.I.N. Cycles :: Instructables