My four-year son with his iPod...permanently pissed that someone has gotten in the way of his shot.

MiniDeluxe. My son with his iPod…permanently pissed that some “hairy-dude” has gotten in the way of his shot.

Megadeluxe, it’s French for, “Le Mac-Daddy.” (It’s a rough translation from what I’ve heard).
Launched from a semi-secured bunker in July 2011, and with over 1,000 posts to date, Megadeluxe pillages Web-Landia for stories and ideas that hypnotize. Including art, design, craftsmanship, writing, photography, and film. Curated with all the finesse and tenderness of a one-eyed rabid-badger.

Currently on a quest – scouring the world of custom bike manufactures for the perfect motorcycle for me.

Wes “Crash” Garcia:
I grew up around motor-heads who stoked my obsession for speed & design. I was a fan of the Lakers, Dodgers and the former Los Angeles Rams. It was the golden age of sports for L.A., and I worshiped storytellers like Jim Murray, listened to the late-great Chick Hearns, and spent long baseball afternoons with the legendary Vin Scully.

“I was raised by your typical gypsy-band of chupacabras in a remote desert town of despots and desperadoes north of Los Angeles. I grew up around motor-heads who stoked my obsession for speed & design.”

I’m a self-taught designer, having worked previously at Apple and Electronic Arts. My first design job was at Quokka Sports, a groundbreaking company of designers and storytellers. Happily enslaved for the last few years at a scrappy UI-UX/Design firm I co-own. (Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and other notorious gangsters and misfits).

I live and work in Oakland, California with my wife and two child units. I have a hyper-obsession with design, the absurd, Springsteen, history, basketball, coffee, great food, underdogs, film, and the next interview with a craftsman. I’m also a guest contributor on Bike EXIF, the world authority on custom motorcycles.

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