For the jet-set, what other place in the world epitomized the swinging Sixties more than Monaco? For this auction, we decided to pick a few head-turning supercars that would have easily graced the streets of Monte Carlo back in the late Sixties.
RMS Auctions – MONACO 10 May 2014

Six Swinging Sixties Supercars From The Monaco Auction

“That each of these cars (five Italians, and one Japanese model) screams “Sexy Beast” is merely a reflection of the times.”
– w.


After the loss of the Safari Rally from the World Rally Championship in 2002, rally enthusiasts got together to recreate the nostalgia of “The Safari”. The idea of this rally: allow classic cars built before 1974, and to avoid the powerful turbo charged and 4WD drive cars. Held every two years, the next East African Safari Rally happens in 2015.

Porsche 911 at the East African Safari Rally



If you can’t smell the sweet scent of burnt rubber, and exhaust coming off these epic photos from Dirk Behlau then you are indeed trapped inside a hermetically-sealed chamber of dullness.

Mopars at the Strip!
Mopars at the Strip!

“Mopars at The Strip is an all-Chrysler drag race, car show, swap meet and manufacturers midway held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, USA.”
– dirk behlau


Just in time for holidays, ICON releases a collection of six pieces honoring some legendary automobiles. ICON’s Founder Jonathan Ward has amassed thousands of photographs, taken at private collections and events around the world.



“Throughout the years, I have amassed an incredible collection of images focusing on the specific elements of great designs. Up until now, these have served solely as inspiration, but now I have figured out a creative way to share them.”
– jonathan ward


The Prescott Speed Hill Climb has been held in Gloucestershire, England since 1937. Photographer Jim Darling, who lives near Gloucestershire, contacted me about the Prescott. After seeing his images I was hooked. I asked Jim if could contribute a story about this truly historic race.

Prescott Speed Hill Climb by Jim Darling

“I have been using cameras since I was 12, my Dad bought me a very used and second-hand Canon AE-1 on holiday in the USA – I still own it. He then helped me develop as a snapper with encouragement and purpose until you have what you see here today.”
– jim darling

Prescott Hill is one of those places that has been on my list of places I ought to have been to, but never have. Of course I knew about it, a bit. I knew it was only forty minutes from my house. I knew it was steeped in racing history, that it had hosted noise, danger and speed in equal measure for 80 years or so. What I didn’t know was why the hell had I not got off my butt and made the effort to go. A chance encounter with a display of those sad, fold out leaflets advertising Monkey World, Barometer World, and “Ice a Cake Expo” provided the inspiration. My wife persuaded me I needed to go before it was too late and that afternoon I was on the phone arranging a track side pass and getting my kit list sorted out for the weekend.


Legendary motorsport photographer Jesse Alexander is running a Kickstarter campaign for a new book of previously unpublished photos on Monaco. Aptly named, MONACO -The Golden Age of the Grand Prix. A must-have for any motorsport fan.



“Jesse Alexander has captured the magic on Monaco superbly.”
– sir jackie stewart



Photographer Andrew Paynter is my friend and neighbor. When I saw this video he directed for NYC based women’s fashion line Chance. Typically, I focused immediately on the green Jaguar E-Type. He was kind enough to send over some extra photos he shot of this classic automobile.

Jaguar E-Type by Andrew Paynter

“Besides being super-talented, Andrew Paynter is one those friends whose positive vibes is infectious. If I don’t have coffee with this dude once a week – I feel like I’m missing something.”
– crash



Enzo Ferrari himself once said of the Jaquar E-Type, “The most beautiful car ever made.” This three time 100-point JCNA National Champion is being offered by RM Auctions next month.


“We decided at the commencement of development that this car was not to be a specialized racing car…although the general approach to the design in both appearance and performance follows racing trends.”
– william m. heynes, jaguar’s chief engineer


See more photos and read more about this 1966 Jaguar E-Type Series after the jump below…



Kazumichi Inagawa’s lush photos of a 1932 Ford.

Kazumichi Inagawa


“The Model 18 was the first low-priced, mass-marketed car to have a V8 engine, an important milestone in American automotive history.”

View a photo gallery of this ’32 Ford by Kazumichi Inagawa after the jump below…



In the late 1960s, speed was all-important, and F1 cars doubled their engine size, making them incredibly fast, but equally dangerous. Now available on iTunes. It’s on my watch list.

F1 ::  The Story of Those who Lived Life on the Limit

F1 ::  The Story of Those who Lived Life on the Limit
F1 ::  The Story of Those Who Lived Life on the Limit

“A lot of drivers have the philosophy that it’s always someone else that has an accident, it’s never themselves, but of course you’re always in the very thin lane between survival, disaster or certain death.”
– sir jackie stewart


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Just came across Bernd Kammerer’s photos today. Just when I think I’ve know all of the best photographers out there, another one comes out of nowhere. That place being Stuttgart. (Which is a fine city from what I’ve been told).

Bernd Kammerer Takes Photos All Over This Crazy World
Bernd Kammerer Takes Photos All Over This Crazy World

“Longing for a long steep longboard hill or seeking for the best pow, while doing what he does best: taking pictures all over this crazy world.”


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The Aerodinamica Spider is considered the first supercar of modern sports car design.

1935 Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 Aerodinamica Spider


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