From Chet Parsons…
“By way of social media, I discovered Sofi Tsingos, a young woman building exquisite café racers in the Dallas suburbs, just minutes away from where I live. Equally impressive as the quality of her work is the story of how it all started. I introduced myself to Sofi and soon thereafter introduced her to my friend and videographer Brad Holt, who agreed to produce this video to share her story.”

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It’s that time again when our crack team of moto-stylists takes inventory of the best custom builds and finds from around the globe via the finest motorcycle curators money can buy. As always, no wagering allowed, and all picks are final…unless a generous donation finds its way into our PayPal account.




While traveling home from Sri Lanka, filmmaker Andrew David Watson decided to check out Ladakh, an isolated mountain region in the most northern tip of India. Even though it was the end of winter there, he was able to rent a 350cc Royal Enfield to do some exploring, and ride in the shadow of giants.

Riding a Royal Enfield in the Shadow of Giants

“I wasn’t planning to make a short film. I only had my 5d, a few lenses, a still photo tripod and myself. Yet the beauty, isolation and impression of the mountains of Ladakh didn’t let that happen.”
– andrew david watson


Andrew David Watson: Filming this was a lot of fun, minus some freezing cold mornings. It was just my camera, a Royal Enfield and myself. I was totally solo. I would set up a shot, ride away then ride through the frame. Since it’s a really remote area I didn’t have to worry about anyone taking my camera! Whether its bicycles or motorcycles, I often prefer to ride alone, as I find it extremely relaxing and freeing. This adventure was the perfect example of realizing how insignificant you are compared to the great wilderness and mountains of the world.

+ Source: The Low Season :: By Andrew David Watson


I spend far too much time sifting through endless sites looking for builders and bikes. I was taking in a German motorcycle show when I came across this Kawasaki and I immediately knew I had to track down this builder. Tomotors Race Machines is a one-man company from East Germany owned by a secretive builder aptly named Tom. (He didn’t offer his last name and I didn’t ask). Tom is a Kawasaki dealer, and has been building motocross racing machines for 25 years. Photos by Kyle Reim Photography
Update: Tom really does have a last name: Große.

1999 Kawasaki W650 :: Kawa East / Tomotors


Inspired by his client’s IWC Ocean timepiece, this BMW R80 was completely restored by Franco “Frank” Augello of SuMisura, Milan Italy. In this post, Frank gives some background on this build, and why he started SuMisura.

1986 BMW R80 - "GULP IWC" :: By SuMisura

“A BMW will leave from my workshop where it has been transformed and personalized with much love and dedication, as if it were mine – pampered and revitalized.”
– frank augello


What can you say about Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles that hasn’t been said before? His bikes are a reflection of his personality: meticulous, detailed, hard-working, reliable, and with a no-bull attitude. So, it’s one of the perks of the job when someone like Richard gives you an inside look at some of his latest builds.


“Seems the Triumphs have become very popular. And for all the good reasons. Inexpensive to purchase stock, easy to make lighter faster, better handling and more powerful. Add to that you can make them look lots better than stock and you have a customizer’s dream bike.”
– richard pollock


Last night I received this mysterious email from renowned motorcycle builder/artist Chicara Nagata.
Subject line: “Security camera!?!?”  Just that subject line and an attachment. Uh, okay. So I opened it…low and behold I see it’s a Sony/Honda hybrid of a HD security camera and vintage motorcycle…I had to pick up my jaw off the floor.
In my line of work, it’s best to never question the motive of a true artist – I just let the art flow over me.

1966 Little Honda P25 :: CA6 By Chicara Nagata

“Every project, I encounter many, many problems. I can’t count how many times I give up to make motorcycle. But I noticed that, ‘If we don’t give up, we can make it.’ In another words, we can make the impossible…possible. This is what I learn from making motorcycles, but still on the way.”
– chicara


When I get an email from Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles, I always get a bit excited – it’s like getting the ultimate care package. Once again, Richard did not disappoint: a makeover for a Steve McQueen Limited-Edition Triumph. The other bonus about receiving a build story from Richard: being a natural storyteller, he knows how to spin a yarn. So, I give you the story of this build as told by Richard himself.

Steve McQueen Limited-Edition Triumph

“Steve McQueen liked bikes and cars, not because it enhanced his celebrity, but because he was a gearhead first. He bankrolled ‘On Any Sunday’ not for himself, but rather to promote the fun and camaraderie of motorcycle racing and riding, and also to showcase the guys that were his true heroes.”
– richard pollock


Matt Musial and Bill Twitchel own and operate Austin Paintworks in Austin, Texas. When they first sent me photos of this Czech made scooter called a Cezeta I was completely dumbfounded. About ten seconds later – I wanted one.

1958 CZ Cezeta 501

“It was a common joke amongst Cezeta riders that the exposed front tank with built-in headlight formed an explosive warhead and detonator for the torpedo, though in practice the Cezetas proved no more likely to catch fire than any other motor scooter, even in serious collisions.”
– wikipedia

Clarks Classics – Collection by Megadeluxe




Designer Jeremy Lacy made his way to Portland to catch the The One Motorcycle Show 2014. Lucky for us, Jeremy took a bunch of picts and sketched like a mad man. Mega thanks to Jeremy!

One Motorcycle Show 2014


“Twinline’s ‘99ZRX was a real inspiration for getting my own ZRX project finished and Holiday Custom’s Honda was probably my personal favorite bike of the show. I got to meet Jared and show him the sketch I did of his bike.”
– jeremy lacy


“Meet Adam Kallen and Alex DiMattio two friends who come from very different backgrounds but are united in their dream of opening a new kind of motorcycle shop. Taking all of the things they love, coffee, clothing, accessories and of course motorcycles the friends found a space in Brooklyn and got to work. Filmed a few short weeks after opening… this is JANE’s story.”


A stunning Ducati that I recently reviewed on Bike EXIF. Head over to Bike EXIF to get all the details on this high-performance Ducati from Anthony Warnock and Corse Motorcycles.

Corso Ducati

“We looked at every part of the bike and discussed color, finish and whether we’d change it, then what options we had. We made sure we did the little things too, whether people noticed them or not.”
– anthony warnock