I spend far too much time sifting through endless sites looking for builders and bikes. I was taking in a German motorcycle show when I came across this Kawasaki and I immediately knew I had to track down this builder. Tomotors Race Machines is a one-man company from East Germany owned by a secretive builder aptly named Tom. (He didn’t offer his last name and I didn’t ask). Tom is a Kawasaki dealer, and has been building motocross racing machines for 25 years. Photos by Kyle Reim Photography
Update: Tom really does have a last name: Große.

1999 Kawasaki W650 :: Kawa East / Tomotors


Inspired by his client’s IWC Ocean timepiece, this BMW R80 was completely restored by Franco “Frank” Augello of SuMisura, Milan Italy. In this post, Frank gives some background on this build, and why he started SuMisura.

1986 BMW R80 - "GULP IWC" :: By SuMisura

“A BMW will leave from my workshop where it has been transformed and personalized with much love and dedication, as if it were mine – pampered and revitalized.”
– frank augello


Last night I received this mysterious email from renowned motorcycle builder/artist Chicara Nagata.
Subject line: “Security camera!?!?”  Just that subject line and an attachment. Uh, okay. So I opened it…low and behold I see it’s a Sony/Honda hybrid of a HD security camera and vintage motorcycle…I had to pick up my jaw off the floor.
In my line of work, it’s best to never question the motive of a true artist – I just let the art flow over me.

1966 Little Honda P25 :: CA6 By Chicara Nagata

“Every project, I encounter many, many problems. I can’t count how many times I give up to make motorcycle. But I noticed that, ‘If we don’t give up, we can make it.’ In another words, we can make the impossible…possible. This is what I learn from making motorcycles, but still on the way.”
– chicara


When I get an email from Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles, I always get a bit excited – it’s like getting the ultimate care package. Once again, Richard did not disappoint: a makeover for a Steve McQueen Limited-Edition Triumph. The other bonus about receiving a build story from Richard: being a natural storyteller, he knows how to spin a yarn. So, I give you the story of this build as told by Richard himself.

Steve McQueen Limited-Edition Triumph

“Steve McQueen liked bikes and cars, not because it enhanced his celebrity, but because he was a gearhead first. He bankrolled ‘On Any Sunday’ not for himself, but rather to promote the fun and camaraderie of motorcycle racing and riding, and also to showcase the guys that were his true heroes.”
– richard pollock


Matt Musial and Bill Twitchel own and operate Austin Paintworks in Austin, Texas. When they first sent me photos of this Czech made scooter called a Cezeta I was completely dumbfounded. About ten seconds later – I wanted one.

1958 CZ Cezeta 501

“It was a common joke amongst Cezeta riders that the exposed front tank with built-in headlight formed an explosive warhead and detonator for the torpedo, though in practice the Cezetas proved no more likely to catch fire than any other motor scooter, even in serious collisions.”
– wikipedia

Clarks Classics – Collection by Megadeluxe




Designer Jeremy Lacy made his way to Portland to catch the The One Motorcycle Show 2014. Lucky for us, Jeremy took a bunch of picts and sketched like a mad man. Mega thanks to Jeremy!

One Motorcycle Show 2014


“Twinline’s ‘99ZRX was a real inspiration for getting my own ZRX project finished and Holiday Custom’s Honda was probably my personal favorite bike of the show. I got to meet Jared and show him the sketch I did of his bike.”
– jeremy lacy


“Meet Adam Kallen and Alex DiMattio two friends who come from very different backgrounds but are united in their dream of opening a new kind of motorcycle shop. Taking all of the things they love, coffee, clothing, accessories and of course motorcycles the friends found a space in Brooklyn and got to work. Filmed a few short weeks after opening… this is JANE’s story.”


A stunning Ducati that I recently reviewed on Bike EXIF. Head over to Bike EXIF to get all the details on this high-performance Ducati from Anthony Warnock and Corse Motorcycles.

Corso Ducati

“We looked at every part of the bike and discussed color, finish and whether we’d change it, then what options we had. We made sure we did the little things too, whether people noticed them or not.”
– anthony warnock


Not that I’m complaining, but this brilliant-looking 1977 BMW R60/7 from Blaz Sustarsic and ER motorcycles is the second BMW we’ve featured this week. A nice trend, and it’s good to see old BMW motos being brought back to life like this. Another ER motorcycle (‘83 BMW R80) was recently featured on Pipeburn.

ER motorcycles

“Giving my full attention to little details that make a motorcycle special, unique…a work of art.”
– blaz sustarsic



It used to be hard for me to look at a BMW K100 and see the possibilities. It just never did anything for me. But with this outstanding rebuild by Marc Robrock, I stand corrected. This BMW was featured on Bike EXIF awhile back, and Marc is starting a new company called motofication. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Mr. Robrock.
Photos by Thomas Riese.

’84 BMW K100 by Marc Robrock

“I remembered the BMW K100, a bike that was so expensive, when it first came out, you could have bought a car for the same money. Today I have to admit, it wasn’t the ugliest bike, but there are some forms of a K100 that are really not nice.”
– marc robrock



Based out of New Bedford, Mass., Choppahead is at the forefront of new (2001 and on) Triumph chopper scene. In fact, Choppahead offered the first production hardtail frame for new Triumphs. In this interview, owners Jay and Truth expound on the Choppahead’s mission, how they bring the punk ethic to their business, and explain what a badass cafe racer is doing in their lineup.


“We are Choppahead…It’s a metaphor for who we are – we’re societal outcasts – shitty, gritty, grimy old punk rock kids but at the same time stand up dudes with class.”
– truth



Chris Hunter at Bike EXIF – curator of the best custom bikes in the world – presents his annual calendar. Expertly printed by Octane Press. A stellar line-up of some of the best known custom bike builders (and their motorcycles) in the world. Shot by some of our favorite photographers – many whose work you’ve seen highlighted here in the past.

Bike EXIF Calendar 2014

“It’s nearing the end of the year – and if you don’t understand this agrarian concept – you need this calendar.
On second thought, do yourself a solid, and order up a pair of these bad boys.”
– crash