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3D Printed Titanium: New F1 Prototype By Flying Machine

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This bicycle prototype from Flying Machine and owner/designer Matt Andrew features unique titanium tubing joined with 3D printed titanium lugs. Allowing, in Matt words, “For infinite flexibility and all bikes to have personal and tailored geometry.”

3D Printed Titanium: New F1 Prototype By Flying Machine

“Making this bicycle a reality became just a bit of an obsession. We are amongst the very first to embrace 3D Printing for bike building and firmly believe this amazing technology is the way of the future.”
– matt andrew :: owner and designer at flying machine


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Single Speed Bicycles by Motofication

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Michael Kleeman of Motofication prefers steel frames for his singlespeed/fixed gear bikes. Produced by a framebuilder in Amsterdam, the frames are rusted or blackfinished, covered with a special wax.


“I prefer classic 1” luged steel frames. You have the best few on the frame if there are no brakes, shifters, gears etc. So I was always excited on the singlespeed/fixed gear idea.”
– michael kleeman

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