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Tokyo Bike SS :: tokyobike

By May 7, 2012Bicycles

Fine looking bikes from tokyobike.

Tokyo Bike SS :: Tokyo Bike (1)

Tokyo Bike SS :: Tokyo Bike (2)

Tokyo Bike SS :: Tokyo Bike (3)

From Tokyo Bike (Google Translate):

TOKYOBIKE SS theme was to express the beauty that has the original bike. Tokyo is a simple bike was originally a point by point review of the shape of the thickness of the frame tubes and parts. Design, yet universal form of the bicycle, bike Tokyo and understand at a glance. Repeated trial and error thinking of such a thing, TOKYOBIKE SS was born. In addition, stand out as Frame color is more vivid, we use the white parts everywhere. In terms of driving, the less loss because it does not have a gear shift, his power is transmitted directly to the road surface. It will even feel as if the body became part of the bike though. TOKYOBIKE SS is a bike runs extremely simple shape also.

+ Source: Tokyo Bike SS :: Tokyo Bike