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The 72 Flyback Chronograph by Bespoke Watch Projects

Bespoke Watch Projects "72 Flyback" NERO EDITION

The 72 Flyback by Bespoke Watch Projects

Fellow Oaklander and Creative Compatriot John McConnico just launched his Kickstarter campaign for the new “72 Flyback” Chronograph, a robust timepiece assembled in his California studio. Available in 6 unique combinations, there’s a Flyback for everyone.

“Inspired by vintage horology, modern design, and iconic chronographs of the 1960’s and 70’s, we’ve developed a handmade timepiece that combines the best of heritage styling with pared-down design—all at an accessible price point.”

—John McConnico, Bespoke Watch Projects

We’ve always had a weak spot for vintage watches, especially chronographs. The visual drama of a domed crystal, metallic dial, and contrasting “panda” subdials conveys a sporty elegance that hits us emotionally as well as practically. A tool watch surely does not need to be bland.

Apparently John McConnico and his watch brand Bespoke Watch Projects feels the same. Having produced a distinctive range of limited edition timepieces and made-to-order mechanical watches over the last few years, he has wanted to add a vintage-inspired and affordable chronograph to their offerings. After ten months of design, production, and assembly, their new solution fits the bill nicely. Meet the 72 Flyback Chronograph.

A limited number of early-bird editions are currently being assembled in their Oakland studio, which will be ready before the end of the campaign. John launched the Kickstarter to offer these models at an insanely-affordable pricepoint ($230—270), with the intention of extending the line to another batch of watches in early 2018.

More information and specifications can be found on the Kickstarter page. Don’t miss out on these ready-to-ship earlybird editions, which will be delivered in January. It’s a great way to start off the new year in style: http://bit.ly/72Flyback

John McConnico in the studio