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Arts of the Samurai. Bad Asses in Stylish Skirts

By October 16, 2013Gear

Samurai means, “Those who serve in close attendance to the nobility.” Recently Bonhams held an auction, Arts of the Samurai. The sale consisted of clothing and military gear – some artifacts dating back to the 11th century. An Edo period helmet in the shape of a conch shell (shown below), sold for $377,000. It had been expected to sell for around $60,000. An orange and purple-laced haramaki armor sold for $341,000.


From Bonhams:
Edo period (18th century). The russet iron helmet hammered up from a single sheet of iron and worked on the surface to resemble a large conch shell, the mabizashi formed by the lip of the shell and lacquered red, fitted with a five-lame solid shikoro lacquered gold and laced in red and applied with gilt-copper chrysanthemum rivets.


“As servants of the daimyos, or great lords, the samurai backed up the authority of the shogun and gave him power over the mikado (emperor). They would dominate Japanese government and society until the Meiji Restoration of 1868 led to the abolition of the feudal system.”
– history.com

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+ Source: Arts of the Samurai :: Bonhams

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