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ICON Auto Art

By December 9, 2013Cars, Gear

Just in time for holidays, ICON releases a collection of six pieces honoring some legendary automobiles. ICON’s Founder Jonathan Ward has amassed thousands of photographs, taken at private collections and events around the world.



“Throughout the years, I have amassed an incredible collection of images focusing on the specific elements of great designs. Up until now, these have served solely as inspiration, but now I have figured out a creative way to share them.”
– jonathan ward



ICON is now proud to announce the ICON Auto Art initiative. The initial launch will include a collection of six pieces honoring the 1920 Bugatti Type 13, 1939 Bugatti Type 57 Volf & Ruhrbeck, 1937 Cord, 1952 Mercedes SLR, 1938 Talbot Lago Figoni et. Falaschi T150SS, and the Porsche 1962 356B.
There will be two mediums offered. The stars in the series will be a limited edition of ten aluminum 13 5/8” x 9 1/8” panels, followed by a series of classic press-printed 13.5” x 20” silver prints on thick stock black paper.
Each piece starts with the original photo, which is then modified as I hand draw the most basic form to capture the pure essence of the design. Next, in partnership with the aluminum wizards at Neal Feay, the traditional processes of silk screening and anodizing are combined in a novel fashion, to fuse black pigment into the brushed aluminum surface. The ½” thick 6061 aluminum is precision machined with an inset groove for wall hanging, as well as blind-taped for desk display with the supplied stainless bolt. Each is packaged in a bespoke maple box with the ICON lizard laser etched onto the face.



+ Source: ICON Auto Art