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1966 Honda CB160 Cafe :: Barn-Find To Restoration

By November 10, 2011Motorcycles

Found this little gem on craigslist/Los Angeles.

Adam McGuire, with some help from his father restored this 1966 Honda CB160 from its barn-find condition. Adam was kind enough to tell MegaDeluxe more about this superb restoration. It’s for sale. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put you in touch with Adam.

My father helped me out a lot on this project – I could not have done it without him. I learned way more about carbs on this bike than I ever knew and he helped me install the new throttle cable, which I had never done before. He was there since the beginning and helped at all parts of disassemble and reassemble! He has worked on motorcycles his whole life and even had a motorcycle trailer company. I can’t thank him enough for helping me on this project.
– Adam

1966 Honda CB160 Cafe :: Craigslist Find

1966 Honda CB160 Cafe :: Craigslist Find

1966 Honda CB160 Cafe :: Craigslist Find
This bike took me over the course of one summer to complete. I discovered this bike which was basically a barn find for the gentleman before me, lucky for me it had almost zero rust and it ran! I had a lot of fun on this bike and it was a dream bike and build for me.

1966 Honda CB160 Cafe :: Craigslist Find
The new seat arrived! This is what is making it look better, up until now I just had put on the new handlebars, and small things like spark plugs, air filters, battery etc. I also have the toolbox and rear fender removed and seat tabs grinded off.

1966 Honda CB160 Cafe :: Craigslist Find
Starting to disassemble and sand down the frame to prep it for paint. I chose a gray primer and flat matte black final coat(s), I think I could do anything in that color, it looks amazing. New tires also came in and are mounted. The chain is being cleaned and greased and the new master link for the chain also came in.

1966 Honda CB160 Cafe :: Craigslist Find
Fresh out of paint and reassembled! New tires and throttle cable are on. That throttle cable was near impossible to find, this one came from CA and it was the only one I could find in the US, i think I got lucky it is a brand new factory part! I’m starting to get rid of, and relocate, all those nasty wires and tubes in the middle, I love that clean simple look. Also, you can see I am relocating the taillight since it was integrated into the fender before. Chrome looks shiny but the bike is still dirty.

1966 Honda CB160 Cafe :: Craigslist Find
Up close shot where you can see the nice paint and chrome clean and polished. Less wires going down the middle of the bike now too, finally. Nice shot of the new tires and custom front fender as well. Almost done!

+ Source: 1966 Honda CB160 Cafe :: Adam McGuire



  • James Czyz

    Where did you find the handlebars you used? I have a 66 honda I am redoing and would like it to look exactly like yours! Im just not having any luck finding bars that fit

  • megadeluxer

    You bet Adrien. It was nice find for sure.

  • Adrien McGuire

    Hi, My name is Adrien McGuire. I used to own a 1967 CB 160 when I lived in Kenya . I loved that bike and have been doing some research on them lately. Every time I see a You Tube video, where I hear the distinctive engine sound I get goosebumps !

    I wish I still had it ! Thanks for sharing your rebuild experience.