Medieval Sword From The Mamluk Arsenal

This exceptional medieval sword caught my eye in a Aragorn/Lord of The Rings kind of way. From the wear and tear on this bad boy, I have no doubt this early self-defense tool served its owner well.

Medieval Sword From The Mamluk Arsenal At Alexandria (1)

“With flat tapering double-edged blade of flattened hexagonal section with a wide shallow fuller extending over half its length on both sides, the forte on both sides incised with a comet-shaped mark retaining traces of latten, and on one side with inscriptions in naskh script.
The hilt comprising straight quillons of rectangular section widening towards the tips, later cord-bound leather-covered grip, and large slightly compressed chamfered wheel pommel with rounded button and inlaid on each side with a cross potent in copper and latten.”
– bonhams

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Interview with Cliff Meyer :: Meyerbuilt Metalworks

Cliff Meyer of Meyerbuilt Metalworks on how Indiana’s racing cultures affects his designs, why his bikes don’t ride like sofas, and the reason he’ll never use fiberglass on one of his builds.

Meyerbuilt Metalworks

Meyerbuilt Metalworks

“Indiana’s racing culture affects my designs in the fact that I don’t really put much on the bike that doesn’t need to be there. I prefer to just make a bike for what it is…riding”
– cliff meyer


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Hurricane Sandy :: NYC Filmmaker Casey Neistat

Filmmaker Casey Neistat rode around the streets of Manhattan documenting the flooding that occurred on that first night of Hurricane Sandy.

If you have it to give, please visit to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

“My friends in the area tell me things are still rough there. They’re taking cold showers and walking up 20 flights of stairs to their apartments though, amazingly to me, Internet service via their mobile devices continues if they can find a way to charge their phones.”

+ Source: Hurricane Biker Girls of Lower Manhattan :: via