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Dan Ogborn :: Exercise Scientist

By July 27, 2011Sports & Outdoors

Dan Ogborn Exercise Scientist

Dan Ogborn. A man with barbells on the brain. Handsome site designed by Forefathers1 .

“I’ve been involved in the health and fitness community for 12 years. I started as the guy that cleaned up the weights, moved up to trainer, strength coach and now a PhD candidate investigating the effects of exercise on skeletal muscle. Despite my shift to the academic world, I’ve always remained grounded in the practice of strength. With significant experience in strength training, human anatomy, physiology and exercise science, I bring a healthy balance of the practical, theoretical and scientific aspects of exercise to my writing and training.”


1 I heart you guys. I HATE YOU GUYS. I heart you guys. (I’m so conflicted – but let’s end it on a love thing.)


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Dan Ogborn