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Sky-Cycle (1892) :: Library Of Congress

By October 21, 2011Sports & Outdoors

Hindenburg…schmendenburg…I have a Sky-Cycle for pete’s sake

Sky Cycle :: Library Of Congress

For the love of Syd Mead and all good things in the world – when will I have in my possession the flying-machine I was promised as a child?

I mean, even the makers of the Sky-Cycle had it figured-out – way back in 1892. Take some highly flammable gas, oiled-canvas and bicycle parts, throw in a few kites, baling wire, and a dandy-outfit with mannish-mustache…there, you’re set for a flight over a semi-populated area with wooden Victorians, shoulder-high brush and tumbleweeds.

Oh, and don’t forget to order the optional parking anchor – convenient for hooking your Sky-Cycle to a church steeple. (I tell you, those guys at Team Sky-Cycle thought of everything).

What could be simpler I ask? I’m putting the blame on OSHA and the FAA for keeping me grounded.

+ Source: Sky-Cycle (1892) :: Library Of Congress