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Megadeluxe Store – Now Open

By March 10, 2013Sports & Outdoors

We started out with nothing in mind except a love of speed, sport and design, and wanting to tell the story of those who shared our obsession. Later today, we’ll be opening our online store – showcasing artists, designers and craftsman whose work has stopped us dead in our tracks.

Megadeluxe Online Store
Alberto Hernandez

One of the artists we’ll be featuring is Alberto Hernandez. Alberto is one of the creatives we knew we had to have in our store. A master of his craft – Alberto has worked with an impressive line-up, including Moal Coachbuilders, Arlen Ness, So-Cal Speed Shop and The Petersen Automotive Museum.

“Every time I visit Alberto’s studio I come away learning something. His knowledge of of design is encyclopedic. His passion undeniable. He’s a designer’s designer, and we’re really excited that he’ll be showcasing and selling his work here at our store for the very first time anywhere. ”
– crash

Alberto Hernandez (2)

Alberto Hernandez (3)

Alberto Hernandez (4)

Other artists and objects that we will be showcasing.


The Lost Photos of Robert Carter

The Lost Photos of Robert Carter

The Lost Drag Racing Photos of Robert Carter


For Robert Carter’s photos, we’ll be working with local printing craftsman Brad Boca of Candela Fine Art Printing. Using a high-quality process: Piezography. The results are like nothing I’ve ever seen. And we think it’s a perfect match for Robert’s iconic photos.

Piezography is a unique process that uses 7 shades of inks (ranging from black to very light gray) instead of standard Epson or Canon black and white printing solutions (which typically use 3-4 shades of ink).
Piezography prints offer the highest resolution and most subtle tonal range of any black and white process. We use a custom blend of warm and selenium toned inks for a beautiful, subtle split-toned look. Piezography gloss prints are the best replacement for the discontinued darkroom papers of the 1970s. For matte printing on cotton rag papers, Piezography resembles the platinum/palladium process, with softer blacks and highlights than fiber prints.


1970 Alpha Romeo Montreal – 1/18 Diecast Model


Saniglass Aviator Goggles


Vintage Breitling Pupitre Chrono


Fender 3:08 PM :: Megadeluxe Editions


Vintage Meister Anker Chronograph


“Megadeluxe started with the mission of covering speed and the sporting life. To shine a light on the artists and craftsman who bring the best to their work everyday. We’ll be working with these artists and craftsman to showcase their stellar work. Another focus of our store will be one-of-kind finds. Objects that have a certain tested pedigree & patina – ‘perfect imperfections’ is what we like to call it around here.”
– crash