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BE LINEN MOVIE 2 :: By Benoit Millot

By November 21, 2011Art + Design, Videos

Nature creates a material structure that is similar to the best hi-tech carbon fibers

When filmmaker Benoit Millot first emailed me yesterday all he wrote was, “This is a short film about the modernity of Linen.” I know what linen is, but why is Benoit sending this to me? After watching his film, I know now that linen comes from the flax plant, and it’s possibilities for creating a natural alternative to carbon fiber is quite amazing.

For ten thousand years or more, man has known this gentle gift of nature was the source of textiles with special properties: soft hand, rich color absorption, lasting durability, and unrivaled comfort.

Nature creates a structure that is similar to the best hi-tech carbon fibers. To produce a kilo of flax fiber used 5 times less energy that to produce 1 kilo of glass fiber. And compared to carbon fiber it’s 20 times less energy.

The game changer is that this non-allergenic and biodegradable natural fiber is now being used to manufacturer such diverse products as furniture, auto parts and upholstery, surfboards, bike frames and helmets. Anything that carbon fiber is currently being used for, could some day be replaced by flax fiber. The future, in this case, looks bright.

+ Source: BE LINEN MOVIE 2 :: By Benoit Millot
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