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Great Wooden Boats :: Directed By Phillip Bloom

By November 13, 2011Videos

What got me into boats? I was sixteen years old and I wanted a boat, I was too poor to buy one, so I had to build my own. – Mike Kiefer

Great Wooden Boats
Great Wooden Boats

Stellar video about master wooded boat builder Mike Kiefer – owner of Great Wooden Boats. He’s built boats for two Pirates Of The Caribbean movies.

About Mike Kiefer:
After college (BA in English/ BS in Industrial Arts) I worked in the building trades as a carpenter and later earned my builders license and went into business for myself. I did building and remodeling for 12 years and learned to work accurately and efficiently as well as hold my own on any construction crew. I started building boats for myself as a hobby, necessity being the mother of invention. As my reputation as a craftsman grew several men approached me to build their boats early in my career.

These boatbuilding projects were successful and enjoyable so I actively pursued building boats. One thing led to another and after building or restoring about 300 vessels I think I know a thing or two about wood boats. Interestingly, I enjoy it as much or more as when I started.

+ Source: Great Wooden Boats: Directed By Phillip Bloom :: Vimeo
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