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RWB Tribute :: By Desmond Blair

By June 12, 2012Videos

Beyond words…

RWB Tribute :: By Desmond Blair

“A tribute to Nakai-san. I stumbled upon RWB online sometime last year. Thought I’d pay homage to a man who finds art in tuning by taking something old and making it relevant/unique.”
– desmond blair

About Desmond Blair:

Desmond BlThe Artistair is a Dallas based 2D/3D artist with a background in traditional media. Desmond’s passion for art began as a child. He spent most of his childhood focusing on learning various traditional media. Desmond attended W.E. Greiner middle school. It was here that in spite of his disability Desmond’s artistic ability and passion for art garnered nationwide attention.

+ Source: RWB Tribute :: By Desmond Blair via !Stipistop