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Matchbox Cars :: Don Hamerman

By December 9, 2011Art + Design, Photography

Matchbox Cars :: Don Hamerman (1)
Matchbox Cars :: Don Hamerman (2)

This is the third time that we’ve featured Dan Hamerman’s photos.

From Don Hamerman:
Much like the baseballs at which I’ve pointed my camera in the past, these old matchbox toys occupy the category of humble, overlooked objects imbued with memories, beauty and a dash of childhood innocence. They were unearthed not from old ball fields, not from my personal collection (I owned none) but instead from the world’s virtual junk drawer—eBay. Encountered as finished prints, it’s hard to believe that the vehicles themselves are tiny, about two to three inches long; at larger sizes they become monumental, iconic, even majestic in their battered state. “Back in the day,” batteries weren’t required for amusement—just a sandbox and a fertile imagination.

+ Source: Matchbox Cars :: Don Hamerman