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Adidas SLVR Core Low

By January 22, 2012Gear, Sports & Outdoors

Hot Damn! Let me put this another way…hot damn these silver Core Lows would standout in Ziggy Stardust’s closet.

Adidas SLVR Core Low

“He was half out of sci-fi rock and half out of Japanese theater. The clothes were simply outrageous, and nobody had seen anything like them before.”
– david bowie on ziggy stardust

Adidas SLVR Core Low
Adidas SLVR Core Low

Speaking of Ziggy, perhaps he would have gone with these SLVR Core Mids:

SLVR Core Mids

…or, let’s turn up the Megadeluxe dial to eleven…

Adidas SLVR Core Low (The magic that is Photoshop).


Adidas SLVR Core Low casual shoes for men and women directing the canvas lining and comfortable featuring excellent lightweight synthetic upper. You feel a good sense of detail and metallic stripes worked three Tonal stitching, lace securely fixed metal eyelets and leather loop.

+ Source: Adidas SLVR Core Low