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1977 BMW R60/7 :: ER motorcycles

By November 30, 2013Motorcycles

Not that I’m complaining, but this brilliant-looking 1977 BMW R60/7 from Blaz Sustarsic and ER motorcycles is the second BMW we’ve featured this week. A nice trend, and it’s good to see old BMW motos being brought back to life like this. Another ER motorcycle (‘83 BMW R80) was recently featured on Pipeburn.

ER motorcycles

“Giving my full attention to little details that make a motorcycle special, unique…a work of art.”
– blaz sustarsic



ER_BMW-77_16 V2

ER motorcycles is a Slovenian company that redesigns and rebuilds motorcycles. It was founded in 2009 by Blaž Šuštaršič.

Blaž cannot remember a time when he wasn’t into motorcycles. Although he has always been impressed with the sound and speed of a motorcycle, he’s always been more interested in the way a motorcycle is designed and built.





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Working full-time as graphic designer in advertising, and drawing sketches of motorcycles in his spare time was his day-to-day life for 6 years. “But my heart and soul were more and more into motorcycles,” Blaž recounts. Despite an economic crisis in 2009, Blaž quit his job as a graphic designer and opened up ER motorcycles. The “ER” in ER motorcycles is short for Espresso Racer.


I asked Blaž if ER motorcycles has a design philosophy, and he hit me back with this:

A story – we redesign old bikes that have had one or two owners. They have their history on and off the road and that gives us great inspiration.

Innovation – we push the boundaries, we go that extra mile in creating something new. Whether it is trying out different materials or combining parts from different motorcycles, we try to bring something fresh to the table.

Custom design – no ER motorcycle is like any other. We usually custom design it for a particular client and build it according to his wishes. That is why we rarely have a motorcycle in stock.

Attention to details – it is the little things that make the difference.

Of course ER motorcycles would not exist without its respective team players:

  • Danilo Henigman, chief mechanic
  • Primož Vindišar, mechanic
  • Janko Rudolf, turner
  • Janez Žebalc, painter
  • Darko Živanič, welder
  • Konrad Miše, electrician
  • Sašo Oven, graphic designer
  • Build Sheet
    Name of bike: BMW R60/7 “Macchiato”
    • Year/Make/Model: 1977 BMW R60/7
    • Build time: 2 months
    • Engine: BMW R60/7 (599cc)
    • Carburetor: stock Bing
    • Exhaust: custom-made exhaust pipes & HP CORSE exhaust
    • Air Cleaner: stock air cleaner
    • Transmission: stock, 5 gear
    • Frame: stock frame with modified rear end
    • Forks: forks are from a model BMW R100 RT
    • Shocks: progressive suspension
    • Front wheel: 19” wheel (BMW R100 RT)
    • Rear wheel: 18” wheel (BMW R100 RT)
    • Front Tire: Continental TKC80 100/90×19”
    • Rear Tire: Continental TKC80 4.50×18”
    • Front Brake: dual disc brake from BMW R100 RT
    • Rear Brake:  drum brake
    • Fuel Tank: from BMW R50/5
    • Handlebars: Renthal medium
    • Headlight: Mini headlight
    • Taillight: aluminium tail light
    • Hand Controls: from BMW R100 RT
    • Handgrips: Ariete
    • Foot Controls: stock
    • Footpegs: stock
    • Electrical: custom electrical wiring
    • Painter: Janez Žebalc
    • Graphics: Janez Žebalc, Blaž Šuštaršič (ER team)
    • Polishing: Janez Žebalc
    • Seat Pan Aluminum: from aluminum
    • Upholstery: custom made by ER, from leather
    • Other: Motogadget tiny speedo

    Special thanks:
    • Chief mechanic, Danilo Henigman
    • Mechanic, Primož Vindišar
    • Turner, Janko Rudolf
    • Electrician, Konrad Miše
    • Painter, Janez Žebalc
    • Photograph, Jernej Konjajev

    Photographer:Jernej Konjajev

    + Source: ER Motorcycles