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PROFESSIONal: Eric Arakawa Surfboard Shaper

By December 4, 2011Videos

“We can look at the financial rewards for building boards, which is limiting, the real wealth comes in the people that you work with.”
– eric arakawa

If there’s a do-or-die mission around here at MegaD, it’s to showcase highly-skilled craftsman all around us who day-by-day build products that inspire and exude excellence. This is one of those stories.

In this short form profile, VitaBrevisFilms interviews Eric Arakawa for the third exploration of our PROFESSIONal series. Shot on location on the North Shore of Oahu, Eric gives a candid account of the people who both inspired and guided him. From the novice fabrication of his first board, to shaping the late Andy Irons last custom job, Eric shares his hope to pass his knowledge on to his young employees and those around him.

+ Source: PROFESSIONal: Eric Arakawa Surfboard Shaper :: Directed by: Skylar Nielsen
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