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1921 Indian Board Track Racer

By July 30, 2013Motorcycles

Offered by Bonhams this August in Carmel, this Indian track racer was nicknamed the “Harley Eater” for its absolute domination on Southern California tracks in the 1920s and ’30s.

1921 Indian Board Track Racer

In its prime this Indian was almost unbeatable. Built by Noel McIntyre, it would become known as the “Harley Eater” for its string of victories on Southern California tracks in the 1920s and ’30s. McIntyre, a mechanic at Guy Urquhart’s well-known Indian dealership in San Diego, would gain fame as the tuner for Floyd Emde’s Daytona-winning Big Base Scout in 1948, but in 1923 he was a struggling racer himself. After hours, he crafted his own race bike, starting with a short-wheelbase 1921 Scout frame to which he grafted a 61ci Powerplus motor, the hot-rodded “big valve” 1000cc job, using the bigger engine’s lower frame cradle and half-girder front fork. The resulting special had twice the horsepower of a Scout and stripped down to bare essentials weighed just 285 pounds. It was a fearsome combination that bested most of the arch-rival Harley-Davidsons it ever came up against.

+ Source: 1921 Indian Board Track Racer :: Bonhams